Charity – August Livestream!

by paigeaddams

  Hello all! Just wanted to let you all know that another charity livestream is coming up from Markiplier! 😀

This month he’s supporting Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Here’s the info he’s posted so far:

And here’s his Twitch channel, where he’ll be having the livestream this Saturday, August 24, starting at 10am: Markiplier Livestreams This time around he’s trying to raise $25,000.

For those who’re unfamiliar with the awesome Markiplier, he’s a YouTuber who does epic playthroughs and commentary on video games. He focuses mainly on indie games – usually horror games that I’m waaay too much of a baby to play, lol.

For fun, here’s some more Markiplier videos!:

Random Horror Reaction Compilation #3

Element4l (this one’s really pretty!)

Raspy Hill (this one’s really creep-tastic!)

Hot Pepper Game Reviews feat. Markiplier – Rogue Legacy (Comic-Con 2013 edition) (lol, and this one’s just really mean! ~ I know I would die if I tried this!)

Until next time, Happy Writing and Take Care! 🙂



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