Gaston – About Me

by Gaston Prereth

As you know Dj asked us to write a little something about ourselves, and so here is a little about me.

I once said “I have to write. It’s not about enjoyment for me, but necessity. When I don’t have an outlet I can feel the black dog growling outside my door and the weight of a thousand unwritten words sitting on my chest.”

Admittedly I had consumed an unhealthy amount of alcohol at the time and was talking to a rather attractive woman whom I suspected had a penchant for the creative type.

However, overlooking the melodrama and borrowed metaphors (I’m sure Mr Churchill would forgive me, it was a time of dire need after all), the reality is not too far away.

I’ve nearly always written and have dreamt about being an Author since I was seven years old. I know the exact point, in fact, when that dream started because it was after an Author had come to our Primary School (That’s ages 6-11 for the non-British amongst us). I immediately fell in love with the idea that people could be paid to make things up and to tell stories.

So I started to write and practice telling stories. During my early teenage years I used writing as an outlet for the emotional torment that is adolescence. Experimenting both with horrific poetry and ‘meaningful’ prose.

Unfortunately this got me into the habit of writing only when I needed an outlet, rather than for the sheer enjoyment of it. So when I was happy and life was good, I didn’t write. This often meant that life stopped being happy and good quite quickly, but it took me a long while to work out the reason why. I’m still not 100% sure I believe the connection now.

During my university years, while I was studying for a Philosophy degree, life was particularly good. I hardly wrote anything. It wasn’t until I had to take a first year creative writing class in my third year (for reasons that I won’t go into right now), did I realise that my years of tinkering had paid off. I still wasn’t very good, but what I did write each week had an effect on my classmates. One of whom openly said ‘you’re one of the few true writers on the course’. (He wasn’t even drinking, I promise) I have no idea what he meant by ‘true’ or why he said it, but it gave me that bit of confidence I had been lacking to motivate myself.

So I started writing regularly again, and this time for pleasure as well as simply using it as an outlet. I even put some stories up on a blog and then, by complete chance, stumbled on another blog full of interesting ideas and people.

This blog was running a writing contest at the time and so I thought ‘why not’ and wrote a short piece for them and sent it in. The story itself didn’t do that great, but the very nice owner of the blog must have seen something in it, because a few months later he contacted me, saying he had a free slot for a weekly writer and would I mind filling it. (Okay DJ, I know that’s not how it happened. I begged. But this is my story so I’m telling it my way!)

And so here I am. Still unpublished, but writing and learning. I hope I have reached a level of competence where you can enjoy reading my stories and come with me on the journey as I improve and hopefully, one day, fulfil the dreams of that seven year old boy who just wanted to be allowed to tell stories.


2 Comments to “Gaston – About Me”

  1. Nice to meet you, Gaston! 🙂

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