Who Is DarkJade??

by darkjade68

Emo_Boy_by_chihiro39Who Is DarkJade??

I recently asked my Writers to do a Post about themselves, as Writers Etc….

And so I thought it’s only right that I should do one as well.

Some of you may be familiar with me, some may not…

My First Writing Effort was back when I was around the age of 11-ish… I was Writing a Fantasy Novel, which I never finished.

However, I did show some of it to my Dad at some point, who I did not live with, but would see from time to time… And after reading it, he said “You’re a Writer…”

And it really stuck with me.

Star Wars Movie Poster 2Though I will admit, my Original Career/Dream Pursuit was that of a Film Maker… I quickly came to realize that I am also a Writer.

Backing even further back, My Original Dream was to be a Baseball Pitcher, lol

But growing up in a remote canyon home with my Mom, and my Brother, I just didn’t feel it would be possible for my Mom to get me to practices… Being a single Mom, and living in such a remote area.

And so I never bugged her about it… She says I only mentioned Baseball once to her as a child.

I’m not exactly a ‘Jock’… No, I’m more of a Dreamer… But something about Baseball, and in particular Pitching, came natural to me.

Anyway, after I gave that up, Film Making became my Dream, after seeing the First Two Original “Star Wars” Films…

I felt they had Great Story Scope, and Brilliant/Colorful Characters/Character Development.

But it wasn’t until I was 30 that I actually began my pursuit of Film Making…

And after a Few Years of that, which included getting a Short Film into a Film Festival in New York, some life situations lead to me setting Film Making aside.

White Jade Cover Book 1Which is when I started focusing on Screenplay Writing.

Around the same time I Wrote, Directed, Produced, Edited and Acted in my 5 Minute Short Film, I also Wrote a Play, and a First Draft of a Screenplay, called “White Jade“.

I then sat the 80 Page First Draft down for a year, and picked it back up when I decided to pursue Screenplay Writing…

19+ Re-Writes later, I had what I felt was an accept able Draft, and sent out what are called ‘Query Letters’ to Agents, in the hopes of getting them to consider reading it, and if they liked it, to then become my Agent.

Now I only sent out maybe 5 Query Letters, so it wasn’t a full blown attempt… But it was at least a bit of an attempt.

I didn’t hear from any of them, but like I say, I only sent out a few letters.

I then sat Writing down for a few years, then in August, 2011, Created My First Writing Blog, “The Written Word“.

And thus My Writing Persona/Pseudo Name, ‘DarkJade’ (Meaning Behind DarkJade Name).

“The Written Word” was designed to be a place for me to let my Writing Flow Freely (Kind of like a Writing Journal), as well as a way to help me develop the habit of Writing on a Regular Basis.

I did this by giving myself a Goal of an Average of 800 Words a Day…

Later I created my Multi Artist/Writer/Photographer/Blogger/Journalism Site, “The Dark Globe“, which I later changed to “Legends Undying” (Writer Showcase/Sunday Posting Site).

And between “The Written Word”, and “The Dark Globe”, I Averaged over 1,100 Words a day during my First Year and a Half.

DarkJade - Cover (BlackandPurple) - Winter Lust and WonderDuring which time I began my pursuit of Self Publishing, starting with my Poetry Book, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder” (January, 2012), as well as a 8 Page Partial Comic Book of the Beginnings of “White Jade” (January, 2012).

I Died Once CoverLater that year (Aug/Sept, 2012), I Self Published my First Novella, “I Died Once“.

Both of which I got into a Local Bookstore, as well as being on Amazon.Com.

During that First Year and a Half, I also Wrote Many, Many what I called ‘Blog Series’ (See Blog Series, Additional Blog Series, And More Blog Series)…

These Included “Allure“, which is a Vampire Series, that I’m intending to turn into a Series of Novellas, my First in which I hope to Self Publish at the end of this year.

A Font with Serifs 2As well as My First Completed Fantasy Novel, “Chess With Agatha“, which I’ve already had Pre-Line Edited, Reviewed, and Edited… But am now working with another Writer, who is Helping me ‘Wordsmith’ it a bit, in order to improve Story Clarity, as well as Story and Character Depth.

I will be Self Publishing this as soon as possible, but it has been a bit delayed due primarily with the fact that I’m trying to up my game a bit in regards to Story and Character Depth.

So without going much further, that’s basically who I am, at least in regards to Writing, and/or Dreaming…

Feel free to ask me any questions about any of this stuff, and Thanks for Listening/Reading

And Thanks for Following “Legends Undying”, we’ve really got some Good/Talented People with us



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