by darkjade68


For me, I prefer not to talk about 9-11

And so every year, it’s a bit hard for me to see so many things about it Media wise

But for those that have actually lost someone close to them

I do feel that there is potentially some great value in the commemoration of it

And to those individuals, my Heart goes out to you

And to those that lost their life, I’m sorry that you are no longer with us

In the end none of us may ever know all that was involved that day

But what we do know is many lives were lost

In the planes

In the buildings

And in the act of saving people

I do want to say Thank you to the Fireman etc., whose life work includes such activities

I’ve always felt that Fireman are true heroes

But obviously, there are many more heroes out there than that

Our Thoughts Are With You

Those that are gone

And those that are still here, and remember



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