I Heart Sleep And Cookies!

by paigeaddams

Anime Warrior Girl Image  Hello all! Lol, as I am a little slap happy from lack of sleep at the moment, this post may be a tad odd. I apologize in advance. But you guys are awesome, so I didn’t want to miss another week. 😀

Tonight I just wanted to give a very quick update on what all’s going on with me. This past month has been pants-on-head insane. I’ve had some things going on with my job situation, so I’ve been job hunting in all of my free time. Lol, I’ll be able to fill you guys in some more hopefully in my next post – because I’m actually about to get ready for my new part time job which starts at 4am.

Yep. Pants-on-head insane.

Anywho – I’ll also be out of town next week, visiting my buddy who’s in the Navy. I’m going to try and set up a couple posts for next week – lol, hopefully, if I set it up right. 🙂

And here’s where the cookies part of the post comes in! – I love cookies! You probably love cookies! And I don’t have a chapter ready, so why not talk about cookies! 😀 Lol, I also LOVE Star Trek, so I’m going to share some tasty, nerdy awesomeness with you guys.

When I am not so sleep deprived, I’m totally trying this recipe! 😀

Alrighty, off to get ready for work I go – lol, wish me luck.

Until next time, Take Care and Happy Writing! 😀


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