Disperser, The Return – Week 12

by disperser

Hard to imagine I’ve been back three months.  

So much has happened . . . the world has literally changed, and is now propelled by forces incomprehensible by human standards.  No, wait . . . it’s always moved such.

Still, what are these massive pointers strewn about the landscape?  What nefarious entity is responsible for them, and what could they mean?

Oh . . .


OK, that’s interesting.  You come across all sorts of things as you travel the Internet Highway . . . such as the following:


And what about this:

All sorts of things that are nifty . . . no wonder no one reads my stuff.


2 Comments to “Disperser, The Return – Week 12”

  1. Sleepless in Seattle or anywhere else does not seem a good way to go!

    • I used to be able to go 30 hours without sleep without people knowing that was the case.

      For most of my adult life I’ve averaged 4 hours a night. Now I’m trying to sleep more, but end up waking up after about 4-5 hours sleep.

      . . . I read it’s not healthy.

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