Captain Fire 197 – Meet The Crew

by darkjade68

Originally Posted on my Creative Writing Blog, “The Written Word”

Captain Fire 197 

by DarkJade

Captain Fire 197 – Part I

Captain Fire 197 – Part II

Jono and Jenna took me to the Ships Bridge, where I was at last to meet the Great Captain Fire. He seemed a very Focused, hands

White Hair Anime Girl 4

waving about, Rough Edged fellow. But when Jenna introduced me…

“Captain… Hate to bother you Sir… This is Nisho.” Captain Fire turned and looked me up and down.

“What can she do…” He mustard out, as he turned back to Rud and Nef dishing out orders. Jono spoke before Jenna could reply. “She’s a Refugee from Ona Sir… Jenna brought her aboard.” Jenna looked at her brother Jono like she had just been turned into her Mother for steeling marbles from the Boys at School. She then turned her attention back to Captain Fire. “She’s Honest… Sir.” This seemed to grab the Captain’s attention once more. “Honest eh… How refreshing… Have her assist the Cook, we will be needing sustenance soon”. With this Captain Fire left the Bridge to inspect the rest of the ship, for they would be traveling for quite some time before making space port again. 

“This is Rud and Nef…” Jenna gestured to them.

“Well met…”, and then “And this is Mino and Tyo…” “Great another mouth to feed…” Mino spat out as she left the bridge as well. “Don’t mind her… She has no appreciation for the desperate and needy… Pardon me.” Tyo spoke, and then followed after Mino. “It really doesn’t matter what they think…” Jenna reassured Nisho. “Jenna!” Jono snapped at her. “Jenna smiled slightly, and put her hand on my shoulder “Come along Nisho, I’ll show you to the kitchen… There is no Cook that you will be assisting, there is only you.” I followed her hastily, but looked back at Jono of who I had a hard time not looking at whilst in his presence.



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