Disperser, The Return – Week 14

by disperser

Week 14 . . . swift, the passage of time, except when there are deadlines to meet.  Also, when one is eating broccoli.  

It’s uncanny, really.  I grab a few pieces of chocolate, set them down by my keyboard, reach for one, and enjoy its taste and texture.  I reach for the next one . . . and it’s gone!  I look all over, but its no use; the truth is evident.  I ate it without even realizing it.  

Now, I sit for dinner . . . I’ve negotiated with my wife, and the large portion of required broccoli intake has been pared down to two medium stalks. 

I grab one of the stalks, willing my taste buds into hibernation (they refuse).  I manage a quick couple of chews, and sent it on its way to what I consider to be its fitting and eventual resting place.  One down, one to go . . . wait!  . . . there are two left!  How can that be!?

Such is life . . . swiftly do the good things flash in and out of our lives, sometimes without our awareness registering their passing until they are but a memory.

. . . and the bad stuff . . . it pummels us, demanding our attention, robbing us of our precious peace of mind, and seemingly lingering until almost unbearable.  Time does its bidding, slowing to a crawl, and making it difficult to remember that this, too, shall pass.

I don’t know if my contributions are in the first or latter category, but at least they are not mandatory reading.  


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