Non-Story – Pumpkin Bread Recipe

by darkjade68

Pumpkin_BreadPumpkin Bread (Recipe)

Something To Eat While You Enjoy Disperser’s Latest Posts

But First You Have To Make It

Recipe Makes Two 9” Bread Pans, Or Three 8” Bread Pans (Or Get Creative With Whatever Size Pans You Have, With Varying Results, Lol)

Preset Oven To 350

Grease Bottom/Sides Of Pans (With Butter)

Put ¾ Cups Of Sugar In What We Will Call Bowl One

Add ¾ Cups Of Walnuts Etc. (Whatever Ingredients You’d Like To Add, Walnuts, Raisons, Chocolate Chips Etc., 3/4 Cups Of Each. In My Case I’m Using Walnuts And Dried Cranberries) to Bowl One

Add 1 Cup Cooking Oil (Replace ½ Oil With Apple Sauce (Optional), For A Moister Cake. But Using All Oil Will Make It More Cake Like) To Bowl One

4 Eggs (Add To Bowl One)

3/13 Cups Of Flower (Put In Bowl Two)

2 Teaspoons Baking Powder (Add To Bowl Two)

1 Teaspoon Nutmeg (Add To Bowl Two)

2/3 Cup Water (Keep This Separated From Bowls)

1 15 Ounce Can Of Pumpkin (Not Pie Filling. Just Pumpkin. Pie Fillings have other ingredients in it) Hold Aside

Rotating Between Water And Bowl Two, Begin To Blend With Bowl One.

Once Bowl One, Bowl Two and Water Are All Together, Mix Well

Add Pumpkin, Mix Well

Fill Bread Pans With Mix

Cook 55-65 Minutes, Turning Pan 180 Degrees At The 30 Minute Mark

Wola, Enjoy October


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