by Len


They think that I am simple. They don’t even watch their tongues when I am about. I am alright with all of that. I smile at the right times  and gently laugh at the jokes. Then I disappear once again in to the background. However, I am always listening and ever watchful. I can accomplish things that Sim-Dah can only dream of doing. I can garner information just as effectively as Slanter or Zipporah, yet much less invasive. My skill set may seem common or perhaps even cowardly, but these skills are my own. I revel in my ability to escape seemingly deadly situations. I delight in the sounds of my footsteps across the rooftops just as surely as Sebben loves to hear the sound of his own voice. I cannot shoot lightning bolts from my hands or create fire with my mind, but I elude those things. I have dined in the halls of kings and stood on the corpses of dragons. Yet, they look at me from behind upturned noses. They don’t know me. They think I am simple. I am not. While my skills may seem common or cowardly, I just got all the information I needed… and your money pouch. Good luck trying to catch me.

Penn (2)


2 Comments to “Deeper”

  1. Good story feels I can relate to. The last sentence you have ‘all they’d twice.

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