Dreamer, Visionary… Realist

by darkjade68

faith_of_a_dreamer_by_mysterykids-d4b9dndDreamer, Visionary… Realist

As a kid, I was often referred to as a Dreamer…

Yes, that was me in the class room, staring out the window while the rest of the class

Was working on their Grammar, or Vocabulary

For the longest time I felt that I was indeed a Dreamer

And perhaps I was

But when I hit the age of 30

And found the opportunity to finally pursue my dreams

I experienced myself as more of a Visionary, than a Dreamer

And what I mean by that is, I didn’t just have my head in the clouds anymore

I saw what I wanted Creatively/Career wise, and I actively began pursuing it

One thing I will say is, though I always felt I had a big imagination

In life, I’ve come across ‘Realities’ that far exceeded any Dreams I might have had

And by that, I don’t mean that I had Great Financial Success

What I mean is, there have been moments that I wouldn’t trade for the world

That in all of those years as a Dreamer, I would have/could have never imagined

That there are more beautiful things in this life than any of us could have imagined

And thus I look at the term ‘Realist’ a bit differently now

Yes, I am a bit more realistic about life these days

But in reality, ‘Reality’ has been the greatest experience of them all

If you know what I mean


PICTURE CREDIT – Faith Of A Dreamer


4 Comments to “Dreamer, Visionary… Realist”

  1. Well said! I enjoyed reading this.

  2. I know what you mean. As writers we start adding reality to our fiction. As we age we see with experience in human nature.

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