New Boy

by darkjade68

black and white 17New Boy

by DarkJade

Far atop the Kildo Mountains, Olock, the young dragon rider, sits upon his black dragon Spellbor’s back, looking down over the vast forests of Nedill.

And as he does, great bellowing smoke rises from the elven city of Qu iie.

The last of the elven cities has fallen… I don’t know why some part of me would hope to be surprised… But… I’m not.

This final blow places the Orc Leaders of Rok No Tu fully in control of the Land of Nebtoran.

It’s been a long, blood spilled campaign of pain and suffering for both the Humans, and Elves.

But the truth is, the Rok No Tu got the upper hand in the beginning, and have never looked back.

“Come on now Spellbor… Home,” speaks Olock as he pulls lightly on Spellbor’s reigns.

“Hardly a home if you ask me, Olock…” replies Spellbor as he takes to the air in a great swoop.

“Well I didn’t ask you, now did I…” replies Olock, and both the dragon rider, and dragon have a laugh.

One day from now, Spellbor and I will be on our way to the northern territories.

There are many small villages in the forests there, and so I won’t have a problem finding any sort of supplies.

And by night I will stay with Spellbor in the over looking mountains.

The northern villages are of little, or no importance to the Rok No Tu Orcs, so they’re likely to leave us alone.

At least for a while anyway.

The Humans had their reign, and have faltered…

Sad that the Elven Kingdoms got involved, and at what cost… The last of their cities destroyed.

Spellbor and Olock arrive at their home in a large cave, and both lay down to go to sleep…

Spellbor, of course, taking up most of the cave.

The Dwarves have returned to their mines… Hell, they did that as soon as the Humans went to battle with the Orcs… They knew what was coming.

They certainly aren’t impressed with anything the Humans do, or have done.

And with the Four Warlocks Of Manbetu in their great sleep, the Orcs should have a long and prosperous reign.

And so I and Spellbor will leave…

Why should the Orcs care… Right?

PICTURE CREDIT – Dragon Picture

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