Disperser, The Return – Week 16

by disperser

Good news and bad news (or good news, depending on if you like what I write) . . . Due to increasing life-load, life has gotten loaded, and I find it increasingly difficult keeping up with my writing.

That is the good news . . . the bad news is that if a substitute writer cannot be found, I shall have to put up incomplete stories, or nothing at all.

So, here is a poll . . .

Counter-intuitively, I’m trying NaNoWriMo (50K words novel written during the month of November).  I’m writing completely seat-of-the-pants; no outline, no plan, not even an idea until November 1.

I could try posting my progress, but, you know, it’s probably going to be crap.  In other words, pretty close to what I’ve been posting each week.

Regardless, this might be my last post here for a while, and what I have this week are three short offerings written in response to writing prompts.  I hope they will entertain.

Oh, they are presented going from the silliest, to the more serious.


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