Halloween Stories… And Halloween Creatures

by darkjade68

happy_halloween_1024x768Halloween Stories… And Halloween Creatures

As a child, Halloween was a very special time…

Dressing up, being with friends, and just the general feeling in the air.

Not to mention all the amazing costumes in the costume stores in the mall…

As I got older, I had less to do with Halloween… Meaning, I didn’t full blown celebrate it nearly as often.

Oh sure, an occasional Halloween Party, where I would perhaps dress as “The Dread Pirate Roberts”… Now that was fun.

Or an occasion where I might get a chance to throw on that old Silver Werewolf Mask that I’ve always liked, along with a long black P Coat.

For the most part, Stories, and/or Television and Film have been the main way that I’ve kept it alive.


I have seen this film, and it is Classically Awesome!

I have seen this film, and it is Classically Awesome!

Classics kind of aside, as I am no expert in regards to the older Halloween/Halloween-esq Creature Films.

Though I have seen several of the famous Dracula, Werewolf, Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Creature Of The Black Lagoon Films… It has, however, been a while.


For me, Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” has always been my Favorite Horror/Suspense Film (Did a Post about it recently on my Writing Blog)

Silence Of The Lamb” is my other favorite one.

Classic Halloween Creatures;

But in regards to the ‘Classic’ Halloween Creatures, My Context is kind of like this.

3893522117_de4e132af8_zDracula – I’ve seen some of the Old ones… Really good.

However Gary Oldmen in Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula, was Stellar… An unbelievable portrayal.

Interview With a Vampire 7Interview With A Vampire” wasn’t bad either… Though the Readers of the Books may beg to differ, I’m not sure.

Brad Pitt was really good, but for those of you that haven’t seen it, Tom Cruise is Hilarious.

Saw the first “Twilight”, it was ok. Like the main actor. The others that I’ve seen, and I didn’t see them all, kind of bleared together… Though I will say I liked when the Vampires Played Baseball, and I liked when the ‘Red Haired’ Vampire Girl toar through the forest. Shirtless Werewolves? Not my thing… But somehow I don’t think I was the audience they were aiming for, Lol. Which leads us to our Next Classic Creature…


AN-AMERICAN-WEREWOLF-IN-LONDONWerewolf; Once again, I’ve seen some of the Classics.

The Werewolf Film I can vaguely remember being the best (Haven’t seen it in a while), was “American Werewolf In London”… Not only did it scare the hell out of you in a very Cool Suspenseful kind of the way, but some of you may not realize that it’s actually a ‘Comedy’.

A sad comedy at best, but still a comedy… But is still scary.

the_wolfman03My most recent experience of a Wolfman Film, was indeed, “Wolfman”.

Which I enjoyed very much. Interesting, and sad.


Frankenstein; I know I’ve seen Borris Karloff as Frankenstein… But not recently.

I’ll have to say other than the classic, all I have to say about Frankenstein is this…

If you haven’t seen “Young Frankenstein”, you’ve missed one of the Funniest Films ever, Lol

I think that might be Borris again, Lol

I think that might be Borris again, Lol

The-Mummy-Returns-2001-the-mummy-movies-6293194-720-480Mummy; I seem to recall really enjoying “The Mummy Returns”… The Second of the Newer Mummy Films.

Wicked_witchWitch; Ok, ok… That’s the “Wizard Of Oz” Witch… But come on, is there really a better Witch than that?

As far as movies, hmmm Not sure I can think of one that I liked about a Witch… Or at least not off the top of my head.

“Witches Of Eastwick” is an old one, and quite dated… Jack was great, the rest were ok, but in all truth, I’m thinken Witches are better when they look like the one up above, Lol

Well, that’s all for this Halloween…

I hope you have a Good One!



2 Comments to “Halloween Stories… And Halloween Creatures”

  1. I have seen all these films if I remember rightly,, but I cannot say I was scared,, smiling mostly.. great poooooosssssstttttttt.. happy Halloween yourself…

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