Dark Rider – Dragon’s Claw Tavern

by darkjade68

Part 3 of my “Dark Rider” Blog Series, originally Posted on my “The Written Word” Writing Blog.*

*Forgive the Grammar, which was stylized at best

Part 1

Part 2

Dark Rider

by DarkJade

Dark Rider – Dragon’s Claw Tavern

It wasn’t too long before Largoth and the Dark Rider reached the Outskirts of Bas’adia, and the Acclaimed Dragon’s Claw Tavern…

In All it’s Warm Fire, Hot Food and Large Ale Glory. “I shall venture inside, get us a room, and check out the Local Clientele as it were…” spoke Largoth. “Aye…” the Dark Rider replied. “And I shall board Tribune and find the Blacksmith”. The two parted.

All seemed as it should be… The Dragon Claw was packed with the typical Weary Road Wanders. Largoth smiled slightly. They would fit right in. After a bit, the Dark Rider would arrive, Cloaked, and Newly Armed.

“How’s it looking…” he spoke to Largoth who had begun to look a bit tired, potentially Ale Induced. “All is well… We will find work… If not tonight, then in the morrow…”

Just then an Elven Mercenary Started to bellow at a drunken fool at the bar. “KEEP YOUR HANDS NOT ABOUT ME HUMAN, OR YOU WILL FIND YOUR PITIFUL LIFE AT A QUICK END BY THE HANDS OF MIRA!!  “Uh oh…” The Largoth spoke under his breath. And quickly the soothing comfort of the Inn became a Glass Shattering, Sword Handle Thumping, Blood Brew Tainted Roaring Brawl…

Twas to be expected…


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