Man Of Steel… In Review

by darkjade68


Man Of Steel… In Review

man-of-steel-1be sure to check out Paige’s “Man Of Steel” Review as well


Let me start by saying I enjoyed the Story Concept of “Man Of Steel”.

The Writer/Producer Christopher Nolan (Director of the most recent Batman Films), along with three other Writers, created a Story from the ‘Alien’s’ perspective… Meaning, Superman is an Alien from another planet, trying to adapt to his new home.

There was an overall “X Files” feel to it in regard to this. Which was a definite change from the more All American Superhero feeling of some of the other versions of Superman (Not that I minded those, in fact I really liked them).


henrySuperman/Clark Kent (Henry Canvill) – Henry Canvill was a very strong Superman. Pretty mild, but effective. Basically he’s a sensitive, slightly confused alien, trying to deal with the fact that he’s not human… And trying to figure out the meaning of his own life.

Amy-Adams-amy-adams-712630_1600_1200Lois Lane (Amy Adams) – Amy Adams has grown on me as an actress… And she was well casted in this role. Once again, that whole ‘X Filess’ feeling gave her investigative, intuitive reporter character more depth.

Russell-Crowe-Jor-El-Man-of-Steel-photoJor-El (Russell Crowe) – My brother recently told me that Russell Crowe was his favorite part of “Man Of Steel”… And now that I’ve seen it, I understand why. His part was awesome… A bit older version of his gladiator character, which is well welcomed. He is interesting, and intrical to the story line’s overall feeling. He’s just plane cool, lol.

Michael Shannon General ZodGeneral Zod (Michael Shannon) – First of all, when they first introduced this character, I figured he wouldn’t be all that involved in this first film, maybe in the second like in the Christopher Reeves Films… I was wrong. This character was very strong, and interesting. I’ve always liked the Zod character, even back in the fairly cheesy Christopher Reeves version, Lol. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t really that cheesy back when it came out, but now it’s a bit more cheesy, Lol. But I always liked that film. Basically I liked the first two Christopher Reeve Superman Films. Anyway, Zod is a very strong character, which is important. Following my theory that a ‘Good Guy/Bad Guy’ story can only be as good as the villain… Because who cares if a cool interesting hero, defeats a lame character, Lol. You just can’t get invested in that… But in this film, you can. He’s very ‘Julius Cesar Et Tu Brute’, Lol. Which is good.

The Rest Of The Characters – The rest of the characters are fine, but nothing all that special in my opinion. Which is too bad as they include both Kevin Costner, and Samual Jackson. But in all honesty, they were mostly just faces in this film.

Overall Review;

My over all review of this film is, probably a 7.5 out of 10. They definitely pour a huge effort into the production, meaning it’s definitely worth the price of a ticket. Or at this point, a Rental. Also I should note, the Music (Hans Zimmer, one of my favorite Film Composers) is just Awesome… It largely makes this film, coupled with the general Alien adapting to living on Earth/Strong main four characters aspects. See this Film. Even if you just see it to see Russell Crowe’s performance, and to hear its excellent Musical Score.

Nuff Said

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  1. Will be watching it next month on Netflix rental . . . Looking forward to it.

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