The Hobbit… In Review

by darkjade68


The Hobbit… In Review

Story; I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us know the Story. But for those that don’t, imagine if you will the comfy, comfyist of creatures setting off on a most dangerous of Adventures, accompanied by an Amazing Wizard, and a Rogue-ish Lot of Grizzly Charactered Dwarves. Man your Popcorn, Beverage Etc. Though keep in mind, the Pacing of this Film is much like a book… So you may need some actual food at some point as well, Lol.


The Original Three Films; Just for the sake of perspective, I will say that “The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring” (2001) was my favorite of Peter Jackson’s (The Director) First Three J.R.R. Tolkien Stories Put to Film.

The Second One, “The Two Towers” (2002), I also liked quite well… The Third Installment (2003), to be honest with you, I wasn’t affected as much by, though I do believe it received the Oscar for Best Film that year, I really feel that, that award could be applied towards the three film effort.


Hobbit_Gandalf.png.CROP.rectangle3-largeGandalf (Ian McKellen) – Brilliant of course… Most of us, I do believe, are well familiar with Ian’s work in the Original Three Films. Basically the Films wouldn’t be the same without him.

martin-freeman-in-the-hobbitBilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) – Like Elijah Wood’s portrayal of Frodo in the first three films, I feel Martin Freeman’s portrayal of Bilbo Baggins is essential to the success of this first Film. He’s quite good.

the_hobbit_wallpaper__thorin_oakenshield_by_darkjackal32-d4kc23zThorin (Richard Armitage) – To my surprise, I didn’t like this character as much as I thought I would… But I believe that, that is/was by design. Frankly, he’s just not all that nice in this First Film, Lol. His doubt of Bilbo borders on annoying, Lol. Eh, he’s a Dwarf. I suspect his greatest moments are yet to come in the Films that follow this first of the “Hobbit” Films. Also, just a side note, I do feel that this Actor, and his portrayal of this character, are/were essential to the success of this Film.

radagastThe Brown Wizard Radagast – My Favorite Character in this First “Hobbit” Film was actually a surprise to me. The Brown Wizard Radagast. Or, Radagast the Brown. His character was/is not only hilarious, I just feel his zest towards his Nature Based Magics to be quite refreshing. He is hilarious, and magical.

Balin_-_The_HobbitThe Dwarves – The Dwarves were good… I had heard that they were annoying in their opening scenes, but I found it all quite mild. Hell, they piled the plates after they were done with them, right? The Eldest of the Dwarves, Balin, I believe was my favorite.

the-hobbit_frodo-gandalf_topsliceThe Revisited Characters – I found it ok, the revisiting of some of the Characters from the Original Films. Though trying to make them look as young, if not younger, than they did in the films 10, 11, 12 years ago, might have been a challenge. Overall, they all felt a bit contrived, Lol. Don’t get me wrong, these characters were I believe in the “Hobbit” story, I just found in this Film that they were kind of Propped up Fan Characters. Too bad too, as they are all great Actors. Peter Jackson probably kept them all at bay, as not to pull from the New Set o f Characters, or Gandalf. But I do believe it would have been better if they just got to act as they did in the Original Films… Nuff Said, I was a Film Maker before I was a Writer, Lol. So I have strong opinions about all that kind of stuff, Lol

Overall Review;

My overall review of this Film is probably a 7 out of 10. Perhaps that is too harsh, or takes for granted the Lofty Production Value of this First of the “Hobbit” Films. But overall, I was happy with the Film, just not completely enthralled. Also, I do want to say that you should definitely see it… Especially if you plan to see the Addtional “Hobbit” Films, one of which I believe comes out this year. Those, I suspect, will be much better… But time will tell.

Nuff Said

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4 Comments to “The Hobbit… In Review”

  1. Still deciding if we want to go see it or wait for the rental.

  2. I didn’t see it in the theatre,but I’m sure it’s good there… Especially the second one


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