A Photographer’s Afghan Girl

by darkjade68

I’m posting this Article and Photo for our Photographer Jonah Mark Avila, who was one of our Photographers from when our Blog was “The Dark Globe”.

He’s very busy in school, and hasn’t had a chance to Create a New WordPress Account yet.





A Photographer’s Afghan Girl
By: J.M.A.
(Photo credits to Leizle Logronio)
 A strong photograph is not always about the fancy post processing or the awkward angles of the shots. Usually, a strong photograph is defined by the basics of photography — composition
What makes the “Afghan Girl” by Steve McCurry a legendary photograph was not about the props or the studio lighting. It was the ability of the photographer to show the emotions of the subject through a simple yet perfectly composed photo. The photo had an intrinsic beauty created due to the connection that the photographer have established with the subject. It can’t be easily learned on theory. It needs constant practice and it depends upon the photographer’s personality.
As for me, I am still in search for my Afghan girl photo. I am still developing my craft in composition, post processing and in establishing that degree of photographer-subject relationship ample enough to create a photo with genuine emotions frozen in time.

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