FREE! Lights Holiday Poetry PDF

by darkjade68

Christmas-Lights-001FREE! Lights Holiday Poetry PDF

I just wanted to take a moment to offer a FREE PDF Document of my Holiday Poems, named “Lights”, which I wrote a couple months back

I was considering Self Publishing them, and still might, but I’m running out of time

If you’d like a PDF Copy of the Poems Emailed to you, just Send your Email Address to

Or post it below

Also, feel free to send the PDF to whomever you’d like

I’ve Posted a few of these Poems on this Site, and several on my Creative Writing Site

Here is my Latest Posted Poem




You know who you are

Your Pockets run over

Your Frown’s not Far

You’ve Forgot… Your Love

You’ve Forgotten your Cheer

Old Friends gone

No one goes near


These Spirits they come

And warn you their best

Your cold, darkened heart

Must wake

And do the rest

Let Joy, peace and Love

Touch and waken all of your hearts

On this Cold, Winter’s Day

Warm goose

Cold Punch

Salty Stringed Corn

And something more

Merry Christmas

And to all I Say this

Love the ones’ you Love

Be Friendly the Rest




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