Happy New Years!!

by paigeaddams
Happy New Year , anime, cute, dobato, hanato kobato, kobato, other  Hello all! I just wanted to wish everybody a very Happy New Years! 😀
Did you watch the ball drop? Do you have resolutions this year? Lol, I have resolutions – most of them involving learning how to cook and then, secondarily, actually working out so I can eat even more home-cooked awesomeness. 😀
Lol, I’ve also been sick in bed this week – I had a pretty nasty fever ~102!!~ aaaaannnnnd theeeeeeeen…. on my way home from the Doc’s I managed to fall off the sidewalk somehow and twist my ankle.
*shakes head at self*
Lol, only me. 😉
So I pretty much napped all weekend, and spent the day watching anime with the husband New Years Eve until it was time, then fell right back asleep, lol.
My New Years was very calm, and I’m really well-rested for a change. XD
This also gave me time to wrap up my submission to The Dark Crystal writing contest! Did any of you guys participate? Good luck to those of you that did! 😀
I also wanted to let you guys know the winning movie from last week’s request poll. Thank you guys for voting! 😀 And now the results ~ which movie will I be reviewing this month for sure?:
Drum roll please!
k-on ftw drums on ritsu HD Wallpaper

** I, Frankenstein **

I, Frankenstein 2014 - Trailer

I’m looking forward to checking this one out. The preview really looked promising, and I do like this actor. 🙂 It comes out January 24’th, so I’m hoping in the meantime I can get another review or two out there for you guys as well.

Lol, alrighty, it’s back to bed for me. I’m going to kick back and enjoy some lazy time before work tonight.

I hope you guys have a wonderful New Year, and that your 2014 will be full of joy and opportunities! 😀

Happy New Year Girl
Until next time, Take Care and Happy Writing! 😀

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