Dear Readers… I Need Your Help

by darkjade68

Legendary PostDear Readers

I just wanted to take a moment to ask all of you what you think of the Site

I realize that this Blog/Site has seen a lot of Changes since its original inception

But I do care about our Readers

That said, I’d really appreciate any thoughts, and/or insights about its current direction

I’ve included a Pole below

Thanks for your Time



5 Comments to “Dear Readers… I Need Your Help”

  1. I like the site, but it’s not very friendly for navigating archives or finding specific posts

    • I placed a ‘Search’ Window on the side… Not sure if that’s what you mean. There are links to Writer’s Specific Posts on each of the Writer Pages, though they have not been updated lately.


  2. As I said on the vote, perhaps it would be an idea to make it easier to find a ‘home page’ or post which gives an overview of what it is all about and how it is currently working.

  3. It may seem obvious when you know. It isn’t when you don’t. Also, while the article there does give some idea of what it is about, does it do so with sufficient clarity? I suggest it be updated and more specific.

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