Menace – Assassin

by darkjade68


by DarkJade

Part I

Part II



Jon-Bar, and the young girl known only as ‘Menace’, make their way towards the Vilo Oasis, and at last water and shade.

As the hot Neer-En sun beats down upon them, Jon-Bar is sweating profusely…

But as he looks over at the girl, he notes that she is not sweating at all

Nor does she appear to be tired

What is this girl he thinks to himself

Suddenly, six riders can be seen up ahead, heading towards them

Jon-Bar begins waving his arms about, in order to get their attention, though they head directly towards them

“HERE! HELP US!” he bellows

“Marauders…” suddenly speaks the girl, which causes Jon-Bar to stop waving his arms

“Not possible… Not this close to the King’s road,” speaks Jon-Bar

But they are indeed marauders




Jon-Bar is hanging by his feet from a palm tree some 80 feet from the marauder’s campfire

“I should never have spoke of their horses beauty…” speaks Jon-Bar in distress

Meanwhile, below him, hands still chained, sitting leaned up against the same tree, is the girl

“I found it quite clever,” she speaks

“Twas a feeble attempt of boot kissing… I am a bumbling fool… What was I thinking by defending you to the rest of the King’s Guard anyway, especially after what you’ve done… I could have been home by a fire, with my boots outside my door by now…” spoke Jon-Bar in self pity

The girl begins to tear up again

Jon-Bar takes notice, “Oh, no, I’m sorry Menace…” he speaks whilst still swinging from his feet

“I must have been a monster…”  she states, emotions filling her voice

Suddenly she stands, “I will have them kill me straight away,” she says as she starts to make her way towards the marauder campfire

“NO! STOP!” says Jon-Bar in a loud enough whisper that she might here him, but they would not

With this she stops, and turns back towards him hanging there,”Menace? That’s my name?” she asks

“Well, no, I mean, maybe…” he replies

She then continues towards the campfire.

“NO, GIRL, STOP!” he tries once more, but it’s too late

“Ha! What have we here,” speaks one of the very drunk marauders as she enters the fire light

A blank look in her dark green eyes

“Come for an early death?” speaks another, stepping up behind her, grabbing her, and  holding up a very large, curved, sharp knife to her throat

“NO!” speaks the leader suddenly.

“Swanterras will kill us if he finds out we’ve slayed such a prize as this one… She will fetch us a great bounty for her beauty, and rare dark green eyes,” he speaks

Her eyes look almost black at this point

“Very well,” speaks the marauder with the knife, and so he releases her

“I am bad… You must kill me before…” she speaks, but is interrupted

“MENACE!” Jon-Bar can be heard yelling

“Menace?” speaks the leader


Menace is at the tree trying to cut down Jon-Bar, as in the distance the marauders can be seen riding off

“So they ride off when they hear my name…” she speaks with great sadness

WHAM! makes the sound of Jon-Bar as he falls onto the ground

The girl then takes his hands into hers, “You must tell me what it is that I’ve done Jon-Bar…” she emplores

Jon-Bar starts to shake his head, “Girl, I just can’t–” he starts to say when…

FOONK! an arrow strikes his chest

“JON-BAR! NO!” she yells, but it’s too late…

Jon-Bar is dead

From the shadows an assassin in all white, with a white hood suddenly appears, holding a bow in his hands, which he places on his back

“Time to leave…” he speaks in a hushed voice

She stands, “You’re going to have to kill me.”

With this he takes out a blow dart, and shoots her as he approaches

“UMPH!” is the only sound she makes as she begins to fall unconscious, but not before he can catch her, and throw her over his shoulder



PICTURE CREDIT – White Assassin

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4 Comments to “Menace – Assassin”

  1. “Menace”, how cute and yet paradoxical of how Jon-Bar seems to feel about the girl. They make an interesting pairing and as always, Jade, you write good stories. I have missed this.

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