Oblivion… In Review

by darkjade68

Oblivion_wallpaper 2_1680Oblivion… In Review

Story; The Story is good enough. Sixty years ago, our moon was destroyed by an Alien Force. We won the war, but Earth is just about unlivable.


Visuals; This is a Beautiful Movie. Good Directing, Great Cinematography. Great Production Design.


629018-oblivion.gifJack (Tom Cruise); Cruise is s Good Actor… He does a good job.

oblivion_olga_kurylenko-1400x1050Julia (Olga Kurylenko); This actress also did a good job.

oblivion-2Victoria (Andrea Riseborough); This actress is also good.

li-oblivion-freeman-waldau-cp-04293048Additional Characters; Morgan Freeman is in it, but it’s not much of a Character/Role. Also Nikoloj Coster-Waldau from “Game Of Thrones” (Jamie). His character in “Game Of Thrones” is brilliant, but his character in this film is almost nothing.

oblivion-movie-droneThe Drones; The Drones are actually the most interesting characters beyond Cruise, and the Two Girls… They are a very cool part of this film.

oblivionOverall Rating; Reading this Review, it may not be obvious, but this is a very good film. Like I say, the Visuals are Stunning, and the Story is Good Enough to keep your interest. Reflecting upon it, I’d say the Production Value and overall feeling, and look of the film, as well as the music, really make it a cool experience to watch.

7.75 out of 10 Stars

4 Comments to “Oblivion… In Review”

  1. I gave it . . . . 2.13 / 5.0

    I agree on visuals and music. Characters . . . meh.

    Story . . . not so good.

  2. I liked this one too, but I definitely agree – it needed just a little more in the areas you mentioned. 🙂

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