Evil Waffles and Twitter

by paigeaddams

anime,gir,knife,sword,forest,cartoon  Hello all!

I wanted to share something really cool I found early this morning, as I was browsing Twitter. Lol, why was I home, and not at FedEx, you ask?

Because waffles.

  (evil waffle)

Yep. That’s what I’m going with.

Allow me to explain. It will all make sense (not really) in a minute.

The route I take to work at 3:15am every morning is fairly straight-forward. Except for the surprise construction that seems to pop up without warning every once in a while. This was one of those mornings that Ohio gifted me with this joy. They shut down ALL 3 LANES of this highway, without warning, forcing me off onto an exit I’ve never taken – in the OPPOSITE direction from my work. So I wandered aimlessly, lost for about an hour (to say I’m directionally challenged on a good day, with a gps, is an understatement), before finding my way home because they also closed several exits getting back onto said highway.


Because waffles.

There’s no other explanation.

I am so thankful that there were no emergency vehicles present, which means it wasn’t an accident. I would rather be lost all day, than there be an accident.

That just leaves them doing emergency construction on all 3 lanes… because…

Because waffles?

Really, you could replace ‘waffles’ with anything, and it would make just as much sense. Go ahead, try it. It’s fun. That’s about all I did (aside from cuss) as I took the very scenic route home.

They closed all 3 lanes of a major highway:

Because paprika.

Because water buffalo.

Because wasabi peas.

Because sparkles.

I get doing it so early, when there’s hardly any traffic – but WHY all 3 lanes? They were all perfectly fine stretches of smooth, non-potholed concrete less than 24 hours ago. Unless there was a freak earthquake or meteor strike that I didn’t hear about, there is no valid reason that I can wrap my brain around.

Besides waffles.

Evil waffles, apparently.

Still doesn’t make any sense? Lol, it doesn’t for me either. I’m just going with it at this point. 🙂

Because. Waffles.


So I decided if I’m not working at FedEx, I should be working on my writing. Work of some sort had to be done, period. And that’s how I found this awesomeness. 🙂 Lol, so it all worked out in the end.

Feel like stretching your writing wings? Are you up for a fun challenge? 😀

I found a tweet this morning inviting writers – published, self-published, and unpublished – to use Twitter in creative ways to tell some kind of story. For example – you could tweet Vines to tell a story through images, or you could create multiple accounts to have a real time narrative with characters, or you could create a parody account and write as someone else. Whatever you’d like, as long as you’re using Twitter in some interesting way to tell a story. It sounds like it would be extremely hard to write anything as you would traditionally – so there’ll be as much creativity in how you approach the challenge as what you write for it. 🙂

You can submit an idea directly to TwitterFiction to be considered for the line-up they’ll be featuring, and/or you can participate on your own – either way, just include #twitterfiction in your posts. The deadline for submitting ideas to try and get to be a TwitterFiction featured author is February 5’th, and the TwitterFiction Festival runs from March 12-16. Also, your tweets can span the entire festival, or they can be a day, or an hour. Whatever you’d like. 🙂

You can check out more details here:

#TwitterFiction Festival 2014

So, the waffles did me a favor in the end. 😀

File:Evil beware, we have waffles.jpg

Until next time, Take Care and Happy Writing! 😀



Artwork Credits:

I found the artwork in my greeting –> here.



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