The Black Knight – The Tale Of A Man

by darkjade68



by DarkJade


The four Elven Archers, and 5 female Clerics, waited patiently for the man that was to escort them through the rough and dangerous Yhor Pass…

“I do not understand why we need some rogue knight to lead us into the mountains… Our clerics are strong enough, not to mention the Elven Archers that have requested his services as well,” speaks a brown haired, blue eyed cleric, named Merissa.

“Patience Merissa,” responds the leader of the Clerics, Ashonan.

Ashonan is smaller boned, with sandy blond hair, and brown eyes.

“We are healers, and protectors of the innocent, but we know nothing about these mountains, nor the Yhor Pass… And he does, ” she concludes.

Suddenly a very rough looking man, unshaven, black shoulder lengthed haired, in all black leather and chain armor enters the Inn.

He’s obviously been drinking, but approaches the bar none the less.

“A pint…” he says as he pushes his bangs out from his eyes.

“Could that be him?” questions Terra, also a brown haired Cleric, but with brown eyes.

It is at this moment that the man takes note of the female Clerics all peering at him.

Meanwhile, the Elves have headed outside, and ready their mounts.

“A drink ladies?” he asks as he holds up his pint, drinks the whole thing, then falls face first to the floor.


Fifteen minutes later the man, known only as The Black Knight, opens his eyes to a kneeling Elf.

“Greetings Black Night… We have readied our steeds, and await your readiness,” speaks the earnest Elf.

The Black Knight brings himself to his feet, whilst leaning against first the nearby stool, and then the bar counter.

“Yes… Well,” he says as he reaches for his black leather pouch, in order to pay for the pint that he doesn’t remember drinking, but woke with the mug latched in his hand.

The elf puts his hand on the knights in order to stop him, “We have already paid for your drink good Knight.”

The Knight looks at the Elf, but not so much at him… But almost threw him… As if.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” and so he is, nearly hitting the Elf.

Meanwhile outside the Clerics have also prepared their steeds, have mounted, and await the Knight.

Accompanying the other Three Archers, who await the word from their comrade.

Suddenly the fourth Elf appears from the Inn, “He is coming straight away!” he says enthusiastically as he mounts his horse, which one of the other Archers has held the reigns of.

Marissa looks perplexed by the Elf’s jubilation.

Just then The Black Knight appears, staggering towards a great white stallion which is untied, and standing in the middle of the road.

“This is what we’re paying for? A drunken fool?” speaks Marrissa most irritatedly.

“A book by its cover Marrissa… A book by its cover,” speaks Ashona, as she watches the horse bow forward, making it easier for the Knight to get on his back.

“To Yhor Pass then…” speaks the Knight, before tearing out of the town.

The Elves quickly follow, who are then followed by the Clerics.


PICTURE CREDIT – The Black Knight


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