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March 3, 2014

Wolfjade (Chapter I) – The Captured

by darkjade68

Wolfjade (Chapter I) – The Captured

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video games blue eyes devil may cry dante male white hair dantewontdie 1920x1080 wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_80Wolfjade

by DarkJade





A crowd of several hundred has gathered in the Great Breenun Hall, Humans, Dwarves, Elves, to see justice come down upon the the War Criminal Wolfjade, Knight of Stormdark.

Wolfjade stands in the middle of the hall, hands and ankles chained in Ordruk Steel…

His head down, not in shame, but rather, he is not ‘truly’ there in mind.

Wolfjade stands 6′ 6″, weighing some 300 pounds of solid muscle.

His hair is white, about shoulder length, with strong facial features, a broad jaw, and piercing dark blue eyes.

His Armor taken from him, he wears some soft grey clothing, supplied to him by the Clerics of Brazuul.

From above, the angry mob yells, and throws things down around, and upon him, crying for justice… Crying for his quick death.

Meanwhile in a balcony above, Dwarven Captain Braken looks down upon him, as he speaks to a female elf lawyer who represents Wolfjade.

“Who is he?” she asks naively, being given this position primarily because of her freshly out of school situation.

Braken looks at her, “You really have been locked away in that Elven School of yours…”

She smiles slightly, “Yes.”

“He is Wolfjade… And he is Evil,” replies Braken.

“What has he done?” she questions.

“In the middle or our own military efforts against the Graughten Orc Tribes, Wolfjade began taking out the many Dwarven Legions of the 5 Kindgoms, one by one…” Braken explained.

“Bastards struck at us while we struck at one another…” he concludes and looks at her.

“Good luck Aliazia of the Vernos Elves…” with this he starts to walk away, “You’re going to need it.”

He is gone.



March 3, 2014


by darkjade68

The Written Word

chaos_warrior_by_zondrak-d3d0w6q Wolfjade

by DarkJade


Wolfjade, Knight of Stormdark, stands upon a hill overlooking the Mid-Red Dwarve’s militant camp to the east.

Four balistas, 56 axemen, and their leader, Captain Drundok Mor…

With a wave of his arm, 60 Stormdark Archers draw back their long ash bows, and release their green flaming arrows, creating a dark magical fire surrounding the camp…

With another wave of his arm, a hornsman sounds the Stormdark battle sound, and 120 Stormdark Swordsman begin to surround the Mid-Red Dwarves.

Soon many of the dwarves begin to come jumping through this enchanted flame, catching fire, and meeting the ends of Stormdark swords.

With one last wave of his arm, Wolfjade turns and walks away, and the Stormdark Archers let loose their venom arrows into the middle of the camp…

Great axe blaring, Drundok Mor watches as his men fall from venomous arrows, or die as they leap…

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