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March 6, 2014


by Len

I apologize for my absence of late. School is really raking me over the coals this semester. I promise this will get better ( I hope, anyway)

For now, a story.

The Legend of the Kraken

The seedy tavern located in Shadowmire is called the Kraken’s Wake. I wondered what in the world could have justified such a name. Sure, it is located near the docks and reeks of salty fish but does that mean that it warrants such a bold name? The first time I set foot in the Wake, I was amazed; not with the decor or the ambiance, but the amount of grimy shady characters that were piled into the den. These people made Slanter look like a kid.

I assumed, in my ignorance, that the Kraken’s Wake had gotten it’s name by an owner who simply wanted his tavern to sound tough. It just wouldn’t do to have a sailor drinking in a place called Peppermint Dust or the Unicorn’s Mane. What I did not know, was that the name was very much deserved.

The owner of the Kraken’s Wake, Admiral William “Billy” Bligh, was a great sailor and a hero of the Halfling War. He decided to settle down in Shadowmire mainly because he hated trolls, and wanted to kill as many as he possibly could. I never even noticed the old relics which adorned the walls inside the tavern. Several paintings, done by Billy himself, tell some interesting stories from his time on the sea. I, like so many others, was far too busy making sure that I made it out alive to look around. Slanter took the time to fully digest the paintings; a feat which I am jealous about. He relayed to me what he learned. The real secret to the Wake lies under the water.

According to the paintings, Admiral Bligh befriended a rare sea creature. The creature was a cecaelia, half humanoid and half octopus. The torso resembled a giant while the bottom half was a tangle of powerful tentacles; bringing the creatures full size to over twenty five feet. This particular cecaelia, who came to be known as Dreadnought, decided to follow the admiral. For years, Dreadnought lived in a cave under the Kraken’s Wake. The friendship between  the former admiral and the cecaelia never faltered.

So you see, Dreadnought IS the kraken; and the tavern is always safely in his reach. When I first entered the Kraken’s Wake, wearing my fresh new Rosewood armor, Dreadnought was probably swimming under my feet. The cecaelia was fighting trolls along with the rest of us during the Moon Over Mire carnival, which started the War of Horded Magic.