Not Receiving E-Mails From The Blogs You Follow Anymore? Found An Answer

by darkjade68

wordpress-logoI noticed a while back that I stopped getting E-Mails from the Blogs I Follow… At the time, I was way too busy to Follow My Blogs anyway, so I didn’t check into it

Now I don’t know if this happened to everyone, or just some people…

But I figure if it happened to My Blog Followers, well, yeah, that kind of sucks

Perhaps WordPress was trying to Shoe Horn people into using their Reader…

I don’t know, and I’m not going to Pick a Fight with a Site that is Free

However, now that I have more time in regards to both Writing, and Blogs in general, I decided to do some research and found this…

If you follow/click that Link, it will take you to a ‘Notifications Settings’ Page, and at the very bottom of the page, there is something called ‘Block Emails’

When Clicked, you will not Receive Emails from the Blogs you follow

Now, I never, ever… Ever… Clicked this… However, it was indeed Clicked… Case Solved… That’s why I stopped getting Notifications from the Blogs that I Follow (Remember To Click ‘Save Changes’ At The Bottom If You Click, Or Unclick it)

I’ve been getting E-Mails for ‘Likes’, an ‘Comments’ on my own Blog, but none from the Blogs I Follow

Nuff Said, I hope this helps some of you guys out

Lets keep this thing connected, yah?

Cuz lets face it, we’re all reliant on one another

And I don’t really care for the ‘Reader’ thing

No disrespect meant towards WordPress



2 Comments to “Not Receiving E-Mails From The Blogs You Follow Anymore? Found An Answer”

  1. How interesting! I found this by chance yesterday and spent ages resorting the blogs I follow. I thought I must have missed something ages ago – I feel better about it now! Thanks for sharing.

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