Entry #2 – Tell Us Your Elven Story

by darkjade68

Opportunity and Regret

 by Jess @ Scratching To Escape

Ike watched as Rachel rove away; his sadness hidden by a smile.


They’d met only minutes ago, while he was jogging. He’d heard her car approaching; long before the squeal of brakes and his quick jump to avoid being struck. The car hit a curb, continued across a lawn and came to rest in front of a tree.


His first words were: “Are you okay? “


She was slow to respond, as she stepped from her car: “I think so.”


Moving quickly, he caught her before she fell. He sat her next to the car on the grass.


“How’d you do that?”


“Do what?”


“Move so fast.”


He thought for a moment, and realized he’d covered the dozen feet to catch her within a second.


“It wasn’t that fast. I think you might be a little shaken.”


She stared for a moment, looked at him carefully and responded: “I guess you’re right.”


Relieved, he made a mental note to not make such of a mistake again.


Holding out her hand, she introduced herself: “I’m Rachel.”


“I’m Ike. I’m pleased to meet you.”


Ike was struck by her beauty. Her raven hair, piercing blue eyes and full figure were mesmerizing.


Rachel carefully examined Ike, before she spoke again. She was admiring his hair, which was almost white, his build and his dark eyes. His ears, exposed by his hair in a pony tail, were almost pointed, although they seemed to fit.


“I probably should move my car.”


“Let me look under it first and make sure there’s no damage.”


Ike looked under the car, found a bent steering coupling, and quickly pulled the heavy steel rod back into shape.”


“It looks okay to me. You might need a front end alignment.”


Climbing into her car, she quickly started it, backed back over the curb and parked.


Staying in her car, she said: “I almost killed you.”


Ike thought about what she said for a moment and realized at twice the speed, she couldn’t have hit him if she tried.


“It was close.”


“I need to go, but will you call me? Maybe we can go for some coffee?”


Ike carefully examined her face and realized she was serious.




She wrote her number on a piece of paper and handed it to Ike.


“I’m sorry if I scared you. I do have to tell you I’m almost giddy with relief, since I didn’t hit you.”


Ike smiled, took the paper and didn’t say anything. Rachel soon placed her car in gear and started pulling away. She flashed Ike a smile and waved as she drove away.


Ike thought about the last few minutes, as she drove away. He could feel the power, the urge and the destiny tugging at his soul. He doubted his resolve for a few moments, but his task was too powerful to avoid.


Ike whispered a few words: “I’ll never forget, or quit.”


Ike was one of few, but they were all given a task by those that passed before. They would never survive, if they didn’t find each other and start again. Elves were destined to rule once again, but only if they could regain their power and kingdom.


Walking toward his home, he realized it was time to move on. His time here was done and he needed to go on and find the others. It was his destiny and his promise to his parents, who passed after centuries together. He would succeed and he would be remembered forever.

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