“Tell Us Your Elven Story” Badges and Categories Are In!!

by darkjade68

Contest Banner 3“Tell Us Your Elven Story” Badges and Categories Are In!!

Kirsty Did It Again…

Check These Out!

(These Will Be The Awarded Categories, As Opposed To 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Reader’s Choice)

(Remember Winners Shall Be Able To Post These Badges In All Their Glory On Their Blogs, And/Or Websites, Should They Have One)

Best CharacterBest Character

Pretty Self Explanatory…

Our 6 Judges Shall Vote On Characters Within Each Of Our Entries

Most ImaginativeMost Imaginative

What Did Our Writers Come Up With??

Originality Comes Into Play Here

Most MagicalMost Magical

How Unearthly Is Their Tale

Is It Magically Delicious?

Ok, Bad Joke… I Think You Get The Gist

Reader's ChoiceReader’s Choice

As Usual, Our ‘Reader’s Choice’ Award

The Winner Of This Award Is Determined By Me Based On…

Secret Things, Lol

Best Overall StoryBest Overall Story

The Grand Prize!

The Big!!


1st Place-ish




Thank You So Much Kirsty For Bringing My Basic Concepts To Life!!!

(And When I Say Basic, I Mean Categories, And Colors, Lol)

(The Rest Is All Her)

(Oh, And The Elvish Theme)


For Contest Details Go Here

For A List Of Our Judges Go Here

First Entry Here


Lets Get The Word Out!!


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