Woke Up To A 4.7 Earthquake… But At Least It Wasn’t The Russians

by darkjade68

America vs Russia 02smWoke Up To A 4.7 Earthquake… But At Least It Wasn’t The Russians

It’s a sad day when you wake up to an Earthquake, and the thought passes through you, wondering, hoping that it isn’t the Russians.

Russia_vs._the_U.S.__A_Two-Minute_ExplainerYeah, haven’t had a thought like that since, the 80’s?

But if you take a long look… Hell, even if you take a short look at this Photo…

It kind of tells the tale

-0189019e399f09a9I may not know much, but I really don’t think we should be Messing with Russia

They have Nukes

And a lot of them

The Reality is, the U.S. really isn’t in the position to be messing with anyone these days

And Obama knows that

Not that I blame one guy, because I don’t

If part of the Ukraine wants to Rejoin Russia, then let them

It’s really none of our business

But this is a ‘not all that knowledgeable’, off the hip opinion

But I suspect I’m right

Being someone who was around in the 80’s

I’ve always had a sense of relief when I see the U.S. playing Russia in Hockey

That’s where I want any conflicts to be

Nuff Said

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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2 Comments to “Woke Up To A 4.7 Earthquake… But At Least It Wasn’t The Russians”

  1. One of the problems is that the same arguments we would use against them can often be used against us. And our hands are not clean in that area of the world; we’ve been messing around places well after the cold war ended (if indeed it ever has).

    As in other places, we have economic interests in the area, and I always wonder if some of the pressure brought to bear toward ‘taking action’ is nothing more than the affected parties pushing to protect their economic interests.

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