Entry #4 – “Tell Us Your Elven Story”

by darkjade68


by Paul Robert

Clouds gathered over the city of Alymar. Purple lightning flickered in the storm clouds. Black clouds created a vortex just north of the Ballmont Building. The Ballmont was near a thousand feet, well above the smog level below. It gave an excellent view of the summoning.

Billy sharpened his glaive as he eyed the portal forming behind the clouds. It wasn’t physically visible, but it didn’t need to be. Billy’s hair was long, golden, and like silk, tied into a pony tail. He wore cargo pants and combat boots, but removed his button up shirt. It would restrain him in the coming battle.

There was a tattoo of a serpent with legs, tail wrapped around his hairless, muscular abs and back, the body of the inked creature moving up and over his shoulder, while two arms ripped open his chest to reveal his heart, a long black tongue wrapped around it. He wore cargo pants and combat boots, laced tightly.

His cell phone rang and he flipped it open. “Lucile.” He cursed, then hit answer. “Hey, babe.”

“Where are you, Billy?”

“I’m at the Ballmont Building.”

“Why are you there?”

“Summoning is happening here. Need to stop it.”

“Come home, tree sap. Let the government take care of it.”

“There is no more tree sap. The government made sure of that. These summonings have been going on for nearly five years and no summoner. We could figure this out with a single claw.”

“But the government will find you. It’s punishable by….”

“Babe, they aren’t here. No one is here. It’ll just be me, Rick, and Jerry. We can get this and scry the bastard calling these creatures.”

“It’s not safe. Why isn’t Ella there with you?”

“She thought this was stupid and dangerous.”

“It is.”

“I love you, Lucile. I’ll be home later tonight.” He hung up before she could get in another word and turned off the phone.

The spell was nearly complete. Pulling out some herbs, Billy mixed them together, then added his spit. The mixture was placed along the blade. The door opened to the rooftop and Rick and Jerry walked through. Rick was the only of the three without the long, pointed ears. A thick chested man, he held a battle ax and wore a body suit which was supposed to act as armor. Billy tried it on once, but didn’t like the way it felt against his skin.

Jerry wore a long coat with belts everywhere, each one holding numerous vials of this or that. He was an alchemist, an apprentice of the long lost art. Few outside elven culture even recognized the practice existed. Jerry’s hair was short and onyx. “Are you starting without us,” he said.

“You’re both late. Lucile’s pissed with me. Should be coming through shortly.”

Rick said, “You sure Ella will take a look at the trophy?”

There was a silence. Billy stood and stretched out, making his torso look unusually long, even for an elf. Several bones cracked and he gave out a sigh. “I’m not sure. But we need to try. It’s not the government suffering for this, and the summons are too regular.”

Then the clouds broke. With a swirl, a roar scattered the clouds and a dragon burst through into the world. Its head was at least a hundred feet long, with muscular wings and thick legs. The tale was spiked.

Billy made markings on the roof which glowed, illuminating his body briefly before he jumped hundreds of yards. Rick and Jerry were close behind.

Vials flew past Billy’s head and broke against the iridescent scales, exploding and boiling, some of them acid which exposed tender flesh underneath. Billy took the opportunity to sink his glaive deep into the flesh, ripping through to hoist him up towards the dragon’s back. The glaive sunk deep into the creature’s spine. Billy slashed until chipped scales turned to splashes of blood. The dragon rolled and batted at the defenseless elf with its tail, spikes nearly piercing his body. Rick and Jerry were both holding onto the beast, Rick with his ax biting deep and Jerry no doubt using some spell or another.

Falling towards the earth, he saw the claws coming at him. Another spell slowed him, and he rolled into the hit, getting swatted at with the paw, just missing a talon. The strike sent him flying through the sky again, until he crashed into a building hard enough to shatter the glass. Blood trickled around the clear knives, pooling on the office’s beige carpet. At least it wasn’t the claw, he kept saying to himself.

People were hiding behind desks and cubicle walls, watching Billy. Some whimpered and one woman screamed. Billy turned to them, “You should leave here. It’s dangerous.” He made signs on the bloodied carpet, and the room lit up before he jumped.

Rick had taken chunks out of the throat. Jerry spread burn marks all over the flesh. With a slash, Billy cut the membrane to the right wing. The dragon faltered, crashing down towards the ground. Billy cut more of the wing, then hopped to the other side, bracing himself when they hit a building. Then they were below the smog, tumbling quickly.

“This is it,” Jerry shouted. He tossed potions down to the streets and a gelatin formed. “Jump into it. Don’t miss.” He winked at them before releasing the dragon. Billy followed, along with Rick. The blue gelatin swallowed them up, holding them for a few seconds. By the time it freed the three, the dragon had crashed into the lower levels of the city, below the foundation.

Billy shuddered and shook himself. “Be quick. The government will want to protect their investment.”

“You’re pretty sure it’s the government responsible for these summons,” Jerry said as they jumped down. A potion ate away at a claw, causing the nail to drop off.

“It’s the only thing that makes sense.” They ran as the sirens blared.

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    Contest entry on elves at Legends. Check out the site and my story. I don’t think Billy will be winning best character, but hopefully it is a fresh take.


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