Time Taxi Trailer

by darkjade68

I’m working with the Writer of this Children’s Book, to Promote his Ebook, “Time Taxi”

Would Love your Feedback on his Trailer for it


2 Comments to “Time Taxi Trailer”

  1. I’m no expert, and I’ll take your request for feedback as asking for impressions and response to it.

    I saw this more of a narrative than a trailer, meaning that it seems like a precis for the book, as opposed to it being a teaser. Not that I have specific suggestions (this is more along the lines of “I’ll know it when I see it” type thing), and not that it should be like the typical Hollywood trailer, but it seemed to lack punch. At the end I felt more like I just read the book, and less that I want go out and buy it

    I’m also not sure who the audience is supposed to be. The trailer seems directed at kids (tone of voice and pace), and small kids at that. I would have thought one would want to advertise to the parents, or the person sitting at the computer with a credit card.

    Having said all that, if this is aimed at kids, then I’m not qualified to give feedback (although I think it still comes across as telling the whole book as opposed to making someone want to get the book and see what happens).

    I’m also curious about using the 2001 Space Odyssey music; isn’t that a violation of copyright?

    Disclaimer: this is not meant as a slam, but as honest feedback of my first impression. This is much more than I could do, or am even capable of doing, and the production value is not what I am addressing.

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