Entry #5 – “Tell Us Your Elven Story”

by darkjade68


The Modern Elf

by Rlyons II

Xander threw the book onto the warm grass that Summer so graciously brings. “What a joke,” he tells his sister  nearby. Leaning against the oak tree that harbored the top half of the hammock that Xander was resting and reading on.

“I have no idea how you can not be a fan of Tolkien,” she replies still refusing to open her eyes, choosing instead to let the sun warm her face and eyelids. “You just finished all of his books in an afternoon, something no human could obviously do, and yet you laugh at the artistry that is Tolkien.”
“Please,” Xander says, “You and I both know what a piss poor interpretation of our race. Now everyone thinks we are either this fragile race or we serve Santa building toys in his workshop.” Xander gets up from his hammock and kicks the Tolkien books on the ground far away from his feet towards the lake close by. “Oh Lilithian, are you sure he is going to show? We must have been here for hours.”
Lil opened her eyes and rose to her feet, “Oh shut your face, you know very well we have been out here for fifteen minutes.”
“Fifteen wasted minutes on these stupid books,” he said motioning towards the novels on the ground, “Wait, they’re coming do you…”
“Yes,” she replied, “Here!” She threw him his blade which was resting next to hers. Two long angled blades, both of which came to a bright orange point. In the real world nothing was sharper than an elven blade. The only thing that can break an Elven blade is the death of the one it belongs to.
“Bout time,” Xander said to the stranger with the two long black blades, “I was starting to think I would have to find you instead.”
Xander and Lilithian were on the stranger in seconds, slashing at each other, both of them trying to gain the upper hand. Swords clashed and sparked as the blades struck each other hard enough for if they were human blades would have shattered the first time they met.
One might think that two own is unfair, and they shouldn’t be ganging up the stranger in the black trenchcoat. However the stranger had killed so many of his kind, and when elves die they share their spirit, talent, and power with the closest elf to them.
“Names Drakaro children,” in said with a menacing voice that could scare even the bravest of people, “It’s time to die.
The battle taking place in this almost empty field, started five hundred years ago when an elf who went rogue, killed a fellow elf and gained his power. Over the years the knowledge of the transference of power had become lost. Around five hundred years ago the fighting began and has not stopped since. Over fifty thousand elves have perished since the fighting began, and that is a huge number when the last time anyone had checked the Elven population were down to around one hundred thousand. Some fight simply to protect themselves, while others kill any fellow elf they come across. It’s been said that the last surviving elf will become a God. Drakaro knew he was destined to be a God.
In the craziness of swords slashing and mouths groaning, Lil said, “Man oh man brother of mine this one is quite the tricky one isn’t he.”
“Yeah,” he replied, “But look at that sword of his, it looks like it was dipped in black paint. I mean seriously who would even want a black sword, it looks so boring.” Xander just barely dodged the incoming jab, so close it ripped his plain black t-shirt.”
“Better watch it big brother,” Lil said.
Drakaro started focusing more on Lil, realizing she was easily the weaker of the two. She was spry though, she dodged jabs and slices, and two handed power hits. With all of the attention focused on Lil, Xander decided it was now or never if he was going to end this thing. He raised his blue hilted sword the moment Drakaro let his guard down. Xander struck immediately hoping to get a nice stab in to weaken him. He shoved his sword right into, so hard in fact that it went straight through him puncturing his heart. Drakaro fell to the ground like a rag doll but was still breathing, huffing and puffing holding his chest.
“Well, that was fun,” Lil said.
“Much better than reading those stupid books,” Xander replied, “Get rid of him now or let him go slowly?”
“Slow,” Lil said as she looked at Drakaro on the ground, “After the things I’ve heard about him he deserves to suffer.”
They walked down to the lake to wash the blood off of Xanders sword. After doing so they sat there. Admiring the beauty and serenity that the lake and sun painted before them.
“All right Sis,” Xander said breaking the silence and standing up, “We should get going and see who else we can find.” She got up and stretched to loosen up her body after all those dodges she made, chances were good she would be sore in the morning.
“Toughen up sis,” Xander said.
“Oh shut your face yah big…”
Without warning a long black blade was protruding from her back to front, and soaked with blood. Her heart was punctured, and to make the blow count, the sword was twisted inside her body.
“Should have killed me,” Drakaro said, as he pulled the blade out of her, getting to the ready position before Xander could blindly attack him.
“Lil,” screamed Xander, “No! You son of a bitch, she’s the only family I have.”
“Don’t worry,” Drakaro explained to him, “Your turn.”
One quick slice of the blade, and Xander was dead, his head cut clean off and landed in the lake. Drakro took their powers and left their bodies without a word.
“Five more,” he told himself.

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  1. A really bloodthirsty one! 🙂


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