Entry #6 – “Tell Us Your Elven Story”

by darkjade68

The Furies of Wreyges

By Colonialist @ Colonialist’s Blog
(Wreyges, by the way, are elfin beings of awesome powers.)

Wreyges are as night and day

And in cycles have their sway
Yet two parts are of a whole
Each of which must have its role

Sundered magic sends the urge
For the Wreyges to emerge
Life from death is what they seek
For each valley gives their peak

If their night with daytime blends
Great catastrophe it sends
Even though they both should be
Part of a duality

Then the vaults must be unsealed
For the way to be revealed
When their cradles are as one
Both beneath the selfsame sun

If divide was put in place
This must go to leave no trace
Bringing back the power of two
So the balance may renew

For such task the highest high
With supremacy must fly
And with all to all resigned
Whom the pattern has defined

Then with Wreyges held in thrall
Must go forward one in all
Understanding to bring through
Of all things both false and true

Thus from fusion of two parts
From their separate halves there starts
To emerge as in far past
Total unity at last

8 Responses to “Entry #6 – “Tell Us Your Elven Story””

  1. The poem is an interesting approach. Hadn’t thought of that at all!

  2. It should perhaps be explained that this is a story within a story. In the novel just completed, it gives vital clues to the nature of the Wreyges, why, when and how they have gone wrong, and what it would take to avert the deadly danger they pose.

  3. I really loved reading this. Quite brilliant rhyming verse, to tell this Elven story.


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