Fantasy Maps

by paigeaddams

blue, color, computer graphics, cute, girl, graphic, headphones, illustration, ilustracion, music, photography, visual  Hello all! 😀

Today I want to share something awesome with you – a great Cartographer for fantasy maps! 😀

I’ve been considering getting a map commissioned for a very long time. I figured if I was going to make up this fantasy world, I want it to be as immersive as possible. And, for me at least, I always love having fantasy maps to look at when I’m reading about new and exciting worlds. 🙂

I was lucky to quickly find the Cartographer’s Guild – on online forum for cartographers, many of whom are available for hire, and post portfolios and references for you to check out. It’s really easy to sign up, and post on their request page. The cartographers I talked to were all professional, and very talented.

I found an amazing artist on the Cartographer’s Guild Website. Her name is Cornelia Yoder, aka Chick, and she did a really amazing job! 😀

  <– Why, yes. That *is* a samurai chick. Why? Because she’s amazing! 😀

I gave her this blurry, scribbly image to work with:

And she made a professional version out of it, about a billion times better. XD

She kept in contact throughout the whole process, asking questions and sending several drafts over for me to check. She was patient with my ramblings as I tried to figure out what all I wanted on there, lol, and made suggestions to make the map better.

You can find her General Info here: About Cornelia

And you can find her Map Commission Portfolio here: Cornelia’s Commission Portfolio

I won’t be posting the map here yet – not until I get some more things finalized with the self-publishing. But Cornelia may add it to her Guild Portfolio, and if you just so happen to wander over, you may just get a sneak peek if she does. ;D You should totally check her out regardless though – have I mentioned that?

I'm Just Saiyan t-shirt super tee dragon ball z gt

Next up: A short reminder of where we left off on Ascension (because it’s been roughly 1,000 years), and then a chapter. Finally. I know. Writing type things on this writing type blog thinger. XD

Lol, until next time, Take Care, and Happy Writing! 😀



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