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samurai girl, samurai girl  Hello everybody! 😀

*enthusiastic waving*

Today (in a few hours, after I get back from Aikido class) I have, for your reading pleasure, the next chapter of Ascension! 😀

This calls for some celebratory theme music! XD

Alrighty ~ now with that out of the way (or playing in the background), onward to the re-cap!

WARNING: All kinds of spoilers ahead if you haven’t read up to Chapter Six yet! Or, if you’d like to start at the beginning, you can find Chapter One ~ here.

When last we left off…:

Mayun, Sijo of Kretore, had run off to train without her Telesil, her first protector, Toren.

Much to his annoyance.

Recently, there have been attacks on several cities, targeting their Jiruna, and nobody really knows why yet. Her safety is his priority, and he can’t understand why she would carelessly wander off without him.

Mayun thinks this was a perfectly reasonable move, however. After all, he’s moody, constantly glaring at her, sarcastic in the unfunny kind of way, over-bearing, over-protective, he makes her nervous, she can’t concentrate when he’s around, his voice makes her tremble, and whenever he’s in the same room with her she has this insane urge to get closer and run her hands…


But she doesn’t like him. No. Not at all. She’s keeping a mental tally of all the reasons she couldn’t possibly.

So she focuses on practicing with her Heshiga, her aspect trainer, and tries not to think about Toren at all.

When he catches up with her, he’s ready to tell her just how foolish she is, but he feels torn. Admittedly, he has kind of been avoiding her when possible anyway. If he could just manage separate his sense of duty, and his responsibility to protect her from a polite distance, from this increasingly consuming desire he has for her, life would be so  much easier.

Rather than dealing with him, Mayun jumps off a cliff… backwards. Despite being afraid of heights.

They manage to sort things out somewhat after that, and they both realize there have been some serious misunderstandings on both their parts. Mayun doesn’t know what to think, and Toren… well, he just wants to find a way to prove to her that he’s not a complete jerk, and earn her trust.

Just as it seems they’re beginning to get a little closer, warriors arrive to warn them that the unknown enemy waging war on everyone may be going after Mayun next.

And now some danger theme music!

Hocus pocus sarah jessica parker amuck gif


Toren tries to escape with her while the warriors and the Heshiga distract the enemy, but they don’t get far. They fight some kind of unknown void monstrosity, and Mayun is forced to jump off another cliff to save them both.

After recovering at the bottom, they run off into the forest, heading for the hunting caves where they agreed to meet the others, aware that the enemy is still searching for them. Along the way, they both realize they’re going to have to spend the night alone together. Mayun handles it a little better than Toren.

He’s now convinced that Tairi (God) has placed him in a very specific kind of Hell where he’s dying of thirst and Mayun is the only thing that can make it better, and she’s ten damn feet away, taking off all of her damn armor…

Mayun summons up the courage to seduce him, but he puts on the brakes, wanting to give her time to consider him in a more clear-headed moment… and also when they aren’t being hunted. He swears not to touch her again until she decides what she really wants, and formally approaches him, because according to custom, he isn’t supposed to make a move on her.

When one of the warriors catches up with them the next day, having split up with the other two, they start comparing notes on the enemies they fought. It’s then that everyone realizes it may not have been Mayun the enemy was actually after.


Next up: Chapter Seven of Ascension!

Until next time, Take Care, and Happy Writing! 😀

PS: One more happy dance for the road! XD

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