Just 7 Days Left… “Mady’s Storm” Kickstarter Project

by darkjade68

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The Written Word

There's Mady. Could she be in hot water?kickstarterJust 7 Days Left… “Mady’s Storm” Kickstarter Project

“Mady’s Storm” Kickstarter Project (This Link Will Take You There)

This project has actually gone pretty good

At the moment, we have $270 of the $500 Needed

A week’s not that long to drum up the remaining $230, but I’ll see what I can do

I’m still awaiting a reply from the Photographer of the Cover

We had agreed on a price to use the photo last year

And I’m just waiting for her to verify the amount

If the project is a success, and she agreees

I’ll be sending her, her payment

And then the hard part…

Finding an Editor that can Edit the book in around 20 Hours

The Budget will be about $200, so $10 an hour

Which isn’t much

But I have to work with what I got, if I get it that is

$200 of the $500…

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