The Northerner

by darkjade68

Something that I wrote and Posted on my Writing Site in August 2012

The Written Word

The Northerner

by DarkJade

Chapter One – A Dark Town

It was a Tale of much woe…

The Northerner came from a far away Mountain… A place of peace, and solitude…

Far away from the Judging Eyes of Mortal Man, or Elf…

For he was a Halfbreed… Unaccepted by either.

He was but a young boy when he entered the mountain… His chosen place of “Self Banishment”…

His hair of grey, and Eyes of green.

He thought there… Amongst Natures Creatures… He would find the kind of Quiet his Soul Hungered for…

And so he did.

But as the years would pass, the skies below, where he had come from, to the south… Began to blacken more and more.

What Treacheries were afoot below he often wondered…

But he would simply force himself to put these things out of his mind…

After all… What good was a halfbreed to the…

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