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September 22, 2012

Rule #8 Small Steps (25 Rules For Better Health)

by Patrick Dykie

      I can still remember my son’s first small, tentative steps as a toddler. My wife stood across the room with her arms held wide open, while I held him up. We had tried before over the preceding weeks without much success. This time we felt his legs were strong enough, and he was ready for the big moment. My wife called out to him,

“Who’s mommy’s big boy. Come to mommy.”

     As I released his arms, he took a small shaky step, stretched out his arms, and moved slowly and awkwardly towards my wife, wobbling from side to side in a series of short, shuffling steps. As he picked up speed his body leaned forward as if he would fall at any moment. Somehow he maintained his balance, and continued his journey before falling safely into my wife’s waiting arms. It seems that anything worth achieving in life requires a series of small steps before we’re able to walk, and then eventually run. From a child’s first tentative steps to learning to read and write to getting that first job it seems that everything involves small steps.

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September 16, 2012

A Little Slice of Life-Just a Walk in the Dark.

by Patrick Dykie

     I recently started a new job that requires me to leave early in the morning for work. I now have to take my dog, Chase, for long walks at four in the morning in total, all-encompassing, and quite scary darkness. I consider myself to be a pretty tough guy, and not afraid of very much. Except for Great White Sharks, annual prostate exams, and my Mother-in Law’s tunafish casserole, I’m usually pretty brave. I’ve never really believed in Aliens, Ghouls, Monsters, Ghosts or Spirits. I even think it’s silly that some people believe in Bigfoot, and watch shows such as “Ghost Hunters.”

     I learned something interesting the other morning when I went on a walk, hours before the first signs of life-giving sunshine crept over the far horizon. It’s scary out there man. A quiet, safe, and familiar suburban neighborhood with nearby farms and patches of woodlands, turns into a veritable house of horrors at four in the morning. Even my dog was scared to go out. He’s a ninety-five pound bundle of muscle and fearlessness, and when I said, “Hey Chase, let’s go for a walk”; he just stood there and shook his head back-and-forth.

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September 3, 2012

Aging Gracefully

by Patrick Dykie


     I was going to hold off on writing about “aging gracefully” for let’s see…… maybe….. another twenty or thirty years. I really don’t feel old. People I know tell me that I look pretty good for someone who’s best days are behind him. “Thanks a lot guys.” I eat healthy, walk at least twenty miles a week and I take kick boxing classes with people half my age. I admit I have some minor aches and pains every once in a while, but that’s nothing to worry about. My knees get a little stiff when the weathers cold, and my teenage son is now faster than me. It should be noted that he likes to prove it over and over again. 

      I was actually feeling pretty good today after a brisk walk with my dog, Chase. That was until I retrieved my mail and saw a big thick envelope with AARP plastered in big bold letters across the front, and my name on it. Enclosed were a card and an application to join a national group for those with a few miles on them, which would entitle me to wonderful benefits in my retirement years.

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