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August 25, 2012

Stepping Stones

by Patrick Dykie

“Men may rise on stepping-stones of their dead selves to higher things”. – Lord Alfred Tennyson

      I was talking to a friend who had recently read some of my more serious stories. Over the past few years, I’ve written about such things as the meaning of life, finding happiness, achieving humility, and learning lessons from the world around us. I even wrote a letter to my Father who passed away a few years ago. My friend liked my stories, but he asked my why I didn’t include references to the Bible or other religious text. He said that maybe I could interest people with Bible verses or quotes from religious leaders. He said that he didn’t even see the name “Jesus” anywhere in the stories I wrote. I thought for a few moments about what he had said. I thought about why I write about general things, and don’t delve into religious beliefs. As I continued to think, two words seemed to pop into my head; “Stepping Stones.”

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August 18, 2012

Laughter is the Best Medicine

by Patrick Dykie


      Back in June, I posted some of my tweets from my twitter account. This is the second installment of my “Laughter is the Best Medicine” feature. I like to write in many different genres. At the Dark Globe, I’ve written serious posts, some that weren’t so serious, ones on health and fitness, the economy, and a few short stories. I’ve also tried my hand at subtle humor with my Slice of Life Series. I even posted a poem. My favorite type of writing though has always been humor. I love to make people laugh, and forget about their problems for a while. I’ve often dreamed of being a stand-up comedian, but  life hasn’t led me in that direction. I have another blog called “Simple Observations,” where I write most of my humor. Here are a few more of my one-liners. I hope you don’t mind me being a little silly.

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August 14, 2012


by Patrick Dykie



     I can still vividly remember my first day of school. I was six and a little scared, but I was wide-eyed and eager as I tightly clutched my new black notebook along with a small, yellow, zippered pouch filled with sharpened number two pencils. I found an empty seat in a wobbly wooden desk as far back from the front of the room as I could get. I don’t recall my teachers name, but she was young, pretty, full of enthusiasm, and ready to start filling my mind with lessons in math, geography, history, and reading and writing.

     Through elementary school, high school and college I had hundreds of teachers who’s sole purpose was to teach me lessons, and pass on their knowledge to me. I loved to learn new things, and was like a sponge as I absorbed new and exciting concepts. As we grow, we always seem to have someone teaching us lessons. Many of us had coaches who taught us sports. We may have had dance, swimming, or piano lessons. We also had our parents who gave us many invaluable lessons on life which we still use today, and try to pass on to our children.