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October 25, 2012

Raven Valentine: Chapter Two

by quillwielder

I ducked low against the hut wall, eyes locked on the dead Basilisk. What were they doing here? The Basilisks had been our enemy for centuries, but we had a truce. They got the other side of the forest and we had our mountain range. Why were they here?

I swallowed my fear and slid closer to the dead reptile. It’s throat had been cut by a jagged blade I recognised as Kaw’s. I wondered where he was and if he was alright. I didn’t touch the Basilisk as their skin looked like scales but was actually thousands of razor sharp needles, not to mention their teeth were poisonous. I had to find Kaw and work out what was going on. The Basilisk tribe had kept their treaty with us for years, why break it now? What had changed?

I still had my knife in hand as I crept closer and closer to the battle sounds over the other side of the village. My heart raced with fear and worry, but my muscles kept moving with the bravery of a true warrior. I turned another corner and screamed like a small child as a Basilisk reared it’s head at me. The shock of it all caused me to fall backwards onto the ground, my knife bouncing out of my hand. I would have cursed myself if I wasn’t in so much danger. The Basilisk slithered up, teeth smiling at me just waiting to tear me apart. My thoughts went to the man I had killed, I only hoped this Basilisk did a better job of killing me than the one who attacked him.

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October 18, 2012

Raven Valentine: Chapter One

by quillwielder

Raven felt the cool earth beneath her stomach as she laid under a berry bush in the forest west of her village. She had waited without movement or sound for almost half the day and she was beginning to get agitated. Raven didn’t like sitting around for too long, she was a girl of action and her fingers trembled on the ground like she was playing an instrument. She’d picked the forest to hide because it had the best cover and Kaw wasn’t the most graceful person. She’d hear him coming a mile away, lumbering through the foliage with brute force.

They were playing a child’s game and Raven thought she’d be over it by now. Seventeen was much too old to be playing around, but she enjoyed the time with her brother. She would hide and he would find her, he’d always come find her. But today Kaw was taking longer than usual, Raven had watched the sun move across the sky and felt her stomach growl. Where was he?

The game had lost it’s appeal and Raven decided it was time to give up and check on her big brother. She squirmed along on her belly until she was free of the bush and stood to her full height, taller than most in her village but still a head shorter than Kaw. Raven brushed the dirt from her clothes and pulled the leaves from her dark hair. She didn’t want Kaw to know her hiding place when she could easily use it again next time. The slivers of light slipping through the trees above danced on her dark skin as she ran toward her village in search of answers.

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October 11, 2012

Raven Valentine Chronicles

by quillwielder

I’ve been letting the creative juices flow over the week and I’m come up with a story I’m calling Raven Valentine.

Raven Valentine has spent her entire life in her tribal village in the mountains, but when her tribe is killed she is forced to learn to survive in the outside world. Finding herself thrown into a new life, Raven will meet new friends and make enemies. Follow Raven’s journey as she discovers herself.

I’ve planned a basic idea for the story that will be starting next week. I can’t wait to see where this story takes me and you. So stay tuned for Chapter One in the Raven Valentine Chronicles next Thursday!!