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September 16, 2012

Dark Globe Featured Poetry: Rain Shall Fall

by darkjade68

Dark Globe Featured Poetry: Rain Shall Fall

As I’ve mentioned in the past, during the last year I’ve Written a lot of Poetry that I Post on My Creative Writing Blog “The Written Word“.

In January of this Year I Self Published My First Volume, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“, but beyond that, I haven’t Self Published any of the other Volumes.

I’m currently on My 9th Volume.

The main reason for not Self Publishing the other Volumes has been that My Focus has been on My Novella “I Died Once“, which I just Self Published… And next will be My First Ever Fantasy Novel, “Chess With Agatha“.

However, truth be known, I really want to Self Publish the other Volumes of My Poetry, and when I finally start to get them Edited, I most likely will.

Within The Dark Globe I’ve Featured My Fist Two Poetry Volumes, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“, and “Dream Shift“.

This time I shall Feature a Few Poems from my Third Volume, “Rain Shall Fall“.

I Hope you Enjoy them.


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July 7, 2012

Dark Globe Featured Poetry: Dream Shift

by darkjade68

Dark Globe Featured Poetry: Dream Shift

Back in August of 2011 was when I started My Creative Writing Blog, “The Written Word“…

The main reason for starting it was to get in the habit of Writing on a Daily Basis, which has worked… I now Write between 800 and 1,200 Words a Day on Average.

Something that I hadn’t planned on Writing within that Blog, however, was Poetry…

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May 1, 2012

Spring is

by Devina

Spring is a warm sigh

Melting the frosty snow that

Hides the slumbering flowers

Escorting winter out of the back door

Spring is a wake up call to those tweeters in the trees

Spring is when we feel the smile of the sun,

Beaming rays reaching far and wide

Spring means more colour, new life and vigor

More walks, picnics in the parks

And wild bicycle rides chasing the neighbour’s cat

Spring is a pleasant tingly feeling I feel inside

When the Earth wakes up from her cold long nap

That makes me want to jump up and yell

Get up and get out, get running

Spring is here again!

Devina S.