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April 7, 2013

Destiny or Just Blog Fodder?

by Lorna's Voice
Oh, didn't I tell you about the time I went over Niagara Falls in a barrel? I must have left that story out of my book. I couldn't include all of my bad decisions in one book!

Oh, didn’t I tell you about the time I went over Niagara Falls in a barrel? I must have left that story out of my book. I couldn’t include all of my bad decisions in one book!

I was invited to a college class this week to talk about my memoir. The class was about childhood trauma and authenticity. Not a very comical topic, but the professor saw a write-up about me in the local newspaper and had the students buy my book as required reading for her class. She asked me if I would come to the class so her students could meet the author and ask me questions–something they couldn’t do with the authors of their other required readings, many who were long dead or otherwise unavailable.

One of the questions a student asked me was, “Why do you think the meanings of names is so important?”

Um. 'Nuff said.

Um. ‘Nuff said.

I really had to think about that one. I do think names carry weight, and I clearly indicated that in my book–even my book’s subtitle (The Adventures of a Girl Whose Name Means Lost). But why?


–Overactive childhood imagination that never turned off?

–Brilliantly insightful observation by an intelligent blonde?

–Gut feeling?

I answered her with something like, “I just always felt in my gut that names carried with them some kind clue about the person. There are names that seem to command respect and others that seem nerdy; names that are unusual and names that forgettable. I always noticed when a name seemed to fit or not fit a person.” She seemed satisfied.

But I kept thinking about it. Do our names shape our lives?

Take, for example, this political ad I saw on a trip I made in 2010. Maybe a man with this last name should not be running for political office.

Or maybe he could have worded his campaign sign differently...

Or maybe he could have worded his campaign sign differently…

And think about these people who ended up in the following professions (these are real people):

–Sue Yoo is a lawyer.

–Ted F. Kadivar, MD is a general surgeon.

–Brad Slaughter is the meat manager in a grocery store.

–David Spitz, DDS is a dentist.

Do you know someone whose name is just too ironic for the profession they are in? Please share!

Would you feel safe?

Would you feel safe?

February 10, 2013

Life’s Not Short… But It Is, Precious

by darkjade68

the-tree-of-lifeLife’s Not Short… But It Is, Precious

Just some Food For Thought…

Follow Your Dreams; If you can… I started later than I would have liked, but I haven’t looked back, and haven’t regretted a moment.

Forgive But Don’t Forget;  It’s not necessary that you forget the difficult times you’ve been through… But if you can, let em go as much as you can.

Be Healthy; Mentally, Physically, Spiritually… Easier said than done, right? Like they say, all things in moderation. Eat well 80% of the time, Spend Time by yourself, get to know who you are.

Listen To Music; I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like some kind of Music… It just seems like it’s one of our Fundamental Things… Like Love. So make sure you take time to Either Listen to Music that you like, or Explore Music until you find some that you do.

Spend Time With The One’s You Love; Seems Obvious, but people often get so busy, or in our heads, that we just don’t spend enough time with the People that Truly make Life worth Living.

Let The One’s You Love, Know That You Love Them; Also seems Obvious, but it really isn’t. Love someone? Tell em… Or show em.

Express Yourself; Whether through Dance, Song, Writing, Talking, Painting… Get who you are Inside, Out.

Spend Some Time In Nature; Even if you’re not someone who goes out all that much… Go outside… Sit under a Tree… Lay on your back, and Stare at the Sky… Whether Day, or Night.

Make Sure You Have At Least A Couple Friends; I’ve had some Good Friends in My Life… And Sadly, many have moved on… Fortunately I am close to a few of my Family Members… But I am always trying to make contact with people, in hopes that I will make a New Friend, or New Friends along the way. I have met several through Blogging, and I am Thankful for them.

If You’re Struggling In Some Way, Get Help; Seek Counseling… Talk to Friends… Write in a Journal. Don’t just Suffer and Accept Difficult Times, or Situations if you don’t have to. Generally there are ways to Improve it in some way… Do your Homework. Ask for Help if you need it. There’s No Shame in it… It’s all about Quality of Life, right?

Slow Down; Just Reading that puts you at ease, doesn’t it? The world moves pretty fast these days… Texting, Driving, Talking, Working… Slow Down… Take Deeper Breaths… Not to be Cliche’, but Stop and Smell The Roses. Don’t let your Minds Run you Ragged… Because they will.

Do What You Love; Whenever, and However you can.


Alright, that’s enough for this 3am Ramble, Lol

I Hope you all have a Great Sunday




September 9, 2012

The Dark Globe Editorial – Greater Sense Of Mortality… Stronger Sense Of Purpose

by darkjade68


by DarkJade

Greater Sense of Mortality… Stronger Sense Of Purpose




It’s Funny, I Always Loved Birthdays (It’s Not My Birthday By The Way, But It Will Be Soon… But Quills Is Sooner Than Mine, Shhh, Don’t Tell Her I Told You… The Glory of Facebook, Lol)

Though in my experience, over the last 20 years or so, it seems to me that most people Don’t Like Birthdays…

I always counted myself as kind of Lucky that I actually not only enjoyed them, but Looked Forward to them.

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