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July 14, 2013

Like Sand Through The Hourglass… So Are The Posts Of Our Blog

by darkjade68

HourglassLike Sand Through The Hourglass… So Are The Posts Of Our Blog

Back on September 30th, 2012, Our Blog The “Dark Globe” (Multi Artist Blog) changed to what we now call “Legends Undying” (Story Showcase + Sunday Posts Blog)

This change took place primarily because I started to run into time constraints, primarily to do with Self Publishing (Editing Etc.) My Books which I Write on My Creative Writing Blog, The Written Word

I reduced our Contributing Artists from 15 (Which Included both Writers, and some Photographers), to basically 7 to 9 Artists (Either Story Writers Mon-Sat, or Sunday Bloggers)

Though some were saddened to see The Dark Globe go, as it was thriving, and we all enjoyed being part of it… Both our Followers, and Legends Undying Writers seemed to Embrace it, and thus we have seen tons and tons of content cross our Posts since

But as with all things, things change, and we have seen several of our Contributing Writers just get too busy, and thus step down from doing Weekly Story Posts, and/or Sunday Posts

Don’t worry we’re not going anywhere, and we’re still 6+ Writers Strong, +  many that have stepped down from Weekly Posts, to being Backup Writers for when our Regulars can’t make their day for some reason

I just wanted to take a moment to Aknowledge all the Work/Effort that these Writers have done prior to stepping down, and offer them my Thanks

And of course, our Doors are still open to them should they decided to return on a regular Basis

Truth be known, all of them just seem to have gotten too busy with their own projects, which is just great

Check some of these Writer’s Legends Undying Work Out, it is Awesome

Writers that have Stepped Down from Regular Posting

Shannon @ Isle Of Books–  – (Dark Globe Senior Writer turned Legends Undying Sunday Poster)

Disperser – Legends Undying Original Monday Writer

Terrii Wachala – Legends Undying Friday Writer

Jacob Holo – Legends Undying Monday Writer

Paul Davis – Legends Undying Tuesday Writer

Thank You to all of you, you are forever part of our Legends Undying Family

Open Days

Yes, this does mean that we have a few Days Open should you be a Story Writer, or Sunday Poster

Currently Monday, Tuesday and Friday are Available

You can let me know here, or E-mail us @ LegendsUndying@Yahoo.Com

I will likely fill one of those days (I was the Original Tuesday Poster, but stepped down when we had an Over Abundance of Writers), unless we receive 3 Writers that are Interested

Once Again Thank You to those that have Contributed, and Thank You to those that Continue to Contribute

Also to all of our Followers, both Old, and New

We Live On


Site Creator/Senior Editor/Senior Writer


May 5, 2013


by darkjade68



There’s something terrible happening right now.

Something that’s been going on for a long time now, but largely untalked about.

I’ve never been one to preach my beliefs to people.

I feel that everyone is their own person, and… Well, you get the point.

As many of you may, or may not have noticed, I posted a Film called “Earthlings” early this morning on this site.

Though this is a Story Showcase Site for the most part, plus our very diverse Postings on Sundays, I do on occasion Post things which I feel are relevant in our world. At least to me.

A lot of times it’s just as a way to connect with one another about things that are happening in the world, that might feel confusing, painful etc.

Such as the Boston Bombing.

But it was recommended to me recently to watch “Earthlings”, a film about the way countries are using animals in products etc… And though I heard it was very difficult to watch, I’ve been considering it for days now.

I’m very careful about what I put in front of my eyes… And I definitely don’t condone things that are designed to hit you like a sledge hammer in order to educate you.

This is not the case with this film.

Every spec of this film is absolutely put there with purpose.

And though its content is basically a ‘real’ nightmare… The point is, it is Real.

We all know that we’re doing things to this planet that are harming the planet, and potentially our future generations.

But, to harm ourselves, humans that is, is one thing… But the fact is, we’re harming Nature, and we’re harming Animals as well… And frankly, this is all kinds of shades of… Well… Not good.

Anyway, I linked the Film in my previous Post… But upon waking up I felt the need to speak a bit more about it… To me this film is more about adjusting our perspective more than anything else. Making what is real, real… So that from that point, we can make more educated decisions in regards to our life, and the lives of our planet and animals.

I appreciate your tolerance upon reading this… Like I say, I’m not a preacher of anything in this life. Each of our lives are our own. But… We don’t own this planet, we just inhabit it… Just like the trees, and just like the animals. Call me crazy, but that sounds about right.

Sure we’re an intelligent species… But we don’t always use our heads all that well, now do we, lol

Anyway, thanks again for your time

Sincerely DarkJade/James

March 27, 2013

Welcome New Thursday Story Writer… Len Weatherly

by darkjade68

LenWelcome New Thursday Story Writer… Len Weatherly

Answering Our “Call To Arms… Writers Wanted” Post, is none other than Len Weatherly @ The Kraken’s Wake

Though Len was kind enough to offer to help out by Joining Our Sunday Crew, I know that Stories are his Specialty, and so have Offered him instead Thursdays, as one of our Weekly Story Posters.

Thursdays were Originally for Stories, but have become a Random Posting Day during the last few months or so, but in truth Bringing on Another Story Writer such as Len, is more appealing to me as the Site Creator.

Thus, Beginning a Week from Tomorrow, Len will be Begin Posting!

From all of us here at “Legends Undying”, Welcome to our Band of Writers Len!


*Those Still Interested in being Sunday Writers, Continue Sending me your E-Mails to LegendsUndying@Yahoo.Com