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October 7, 2012

How Much Does A Polar Bear Weigh?

by inkslingersagency

Enough to break the ice!
Well, now that you can see I am a comic genius (ahem) I can get on with the rest of my introduction.

Hello, my name is Rachel and I’m a alcoholic freelance writer. I have my own little blog over at Neglected Space which is unfortunately feeling very neglected at the moment whilst I try to juggle my freelancing and writing for fun. I also run the website/blog from which I am writing this, with a partner. For some reason Legends Undying didn’t want to let me post from my other blog…probably didn’t want to get outshone by its awesomeness (ahem again).

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June 14, 2012

Get To Know Your Assistant Editor – 10 Reasons Why Pete Isn’t Awesome

by 'Ard Pete

If you’re anyone with any kind of taste you’d have already read the 10 Reasons Why Pete Is Awesome where I show you why I am quite possibly the most awesome man that ever lived.

But of course I’m a serious journalist, I don’t just give one side of the story so that is why I have come up with a list of 10 reasons why I’m not awesome.

Let me assure you that there are many more than 10 reasons why I am awesome, however when it came to do the list about why I’m not awesome, it was one of the hardest tasks I have ever untaken, but because I am so awesome I have found ten reasons why I’m not so awesome.

Well at the time of this writing, I have found 8 reasons but by the time those 8 are written I’m sure I can come up with a couple more.

So behold the ten reasons why I’m not as awesome as you may think:

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June 10, 2012

Poet’s Corner, a new poetry blog.

by Harry

I would like thank Darkjade for this opportunity to mention my new poetry blog.

It is called “Poet’s Corner” and was only started on the 6/06/2012 and already it has 913 hits and 277 followers, so it is progressing very well.

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