Legendary Post

blackknight-2Legendary Post

Legends Undying… Is “Legendary Post”

13 Months ago, our Blog “The Dark Globe” became “Legends Undying”.

A Story Showcase Blog + Sunday Posting

As my life evolves, the Blog continues to evolve with it…

Partly due to me, partly due to the Artists that Contribute to our Site

I’d like to take a moment to Thank all of the Contributing Story Writers over the last 13 Months, as well as our Sunday Posters…

Your Work and Efforts helped to evolve what was a Multi Artist Contributing Site, to a Story Showcase/Sunday Posts Site, flawlessly

As time has gone by, many of our Story Writers have become too busy with their own Projects, and thus I find it is time to make a change.

That coupled with the fact that I want to begin doing more Journal like Posts on this Site (As I used to on “The Dark Globe”, but with a bit of a ‘Improving One’s Life’ kind of flare to it…. And/or, Improving the World we live in.

This is a Beautiful Planet we live on… But as we all know, we’ve tapped into it pretty heavily.

I’m not going to preach about ‘Environment’ Etc.

But I am going to try to throw a bit more Consciousness out there in regards to it.

But that is only part of what this Newly Upgraded Blog Shall Be.

Stories will still be Posted, though in a less scheduled manner… All Writers may Post Freely when they like.

In addition, I hope to bring some Photographers back onto the Site, as Photography Posts I have always found to be extremely uplifting, and enjoyable.

But beyond that, I implore to our Writers, as well as extend a hand out to other Future Writers, to reach into their Minds, Hearts and Souls, and Muster up some Journalism that might Inspire eachother.

The Line has been Drawn… The Glove has been Tossed… Or something like that, Lol

I am Challenging Myself, Our Writers, as well as Future Writers and Photographers to hit us with your Best Shot

Lets Inspire One Another, eh?

Nuff Said

We Are Now, “Legendary Post”


2 Comments to “Legendary Post”

  1. Hey DJ, what’s cracking? Long time no see my man hope you’re doing well.

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