March 22, 2015

West Coast Yankee Fan – 2015 – First Edition

by darkjade68


West Coast Yankee Fan – 2015

First Edition

A lot has changed for the Yankees in the last few years, and I think for the better.

Derek JeterThis last change was Derek Jeter, the Yankee Captain, finally laying down the bat, sitting down the ball, not playing baseball anymore,

This is a really good thing for the Yankees I feel. For several years I’ve felt like the Yankees have been bringing on a lot of veteran players, who still have game left in them, but are more susceptible to injury.

This strategy, in my opinion, hasn’t worked.

Joe Girardi, the Yankee’s Coach, deserves a lot of credit for the seasons he’s been able to muster together during the last couple years, because frankly what he’s had to work with has been tough.

And when I say this, I’m speaking about the injuries to both fielders, and pitchers alike.

That said, what I’ve wanted to happen for the Yanks for the last three to five seasons is finally happening. They’re bringing in young talent, instead of lots of veterans, and starting to build a new team.

This, in my opinion, is essential.

george-steinbrenner_54930590Things changed for the better when, bless his soul, George Steinbrenner passed away. The end of the Yankee over paying, and/or loading the team up with expensive players in order to win a World Series, finally came to an end.

And I have to say, I really like the vibe George’s son brought to the pin stripes.

Yes, I do believe the Dodgers and the Red Socks took over in the buying expensive players department. But don’t quote me on that, it’s not really my focus. Baseball is, and more specifically, Yankee Baseball.

I’ve liked the General Manager Cashmen all along as well. But replacing over priced players when George passed, was an abundance of veteran players. So not only were they not building a team for the future, but we haven’t been doing well in playoffs either.

But enough about that, this year is different.

Here’s the Yank’s Roster;

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????1B – Mark Teixeira – .219 Spring Batting Average

35 year old Mark Teixeira is batting a .219 so far this spring season, and is starting to pick up from what I saw recently. Mark is still one of the best first basemen in baseball, so as long as his offense is okay, we’re doing well still having him.

2B – Stephen Drew – .179

From what I remember about Stephen Drew, he’s a good defensive player. He was on two teams last year, and appears to have struggled at the bat, but watching him recently he looks like he’s warming up. Keeping in mind losing Robinson Cano to Seattle was a huge loss. His defense was unparalleled at second base, and he’s a great hitter. But, he cost a fortune, and the Yanks really need to get away from that. If Stephen’s bat picks up, he should do alright.

2B – Jose Perela – .370

I’ve only seen this guy play a little bit, and he is killing it offensively in spring training. I do believe they’re trying to figure out a way to keep him on the team, as second base is taken by Stephen Drew.

MLB: Texas Rangers at New York Yankees3B – Chase Headley – .333

Chase is a great third basemen, and is having a strong offensive spring. I really like Chase.

DH/3B – Alex Rodriguez – .269

Alex looks great. Alex is turning 40 this year, and so is semi relinquishing his third base position to Chase Headley, but that’s okay. Alex is the one veteran I welcome on the Yanks, he looks great this year.

DH/1B – Garrett Jones – .222

I do believe Garrett is pulling DH duties with Alex Rodriguez, as well as backing up Teixeira at first base. I really like the look of this guy.

Tampa Bay Rays v New York YankeesSS – Didi Gregorious – .296

This guy, is awesome. He’s also Derek Jeter’s replacement, but that’s alright, because he is a great player.

C – Brian McCann – .259

Love Brian McCann. Didn’t get a chance to see him play much last year (I missed a lot of baseball the last couple years), but I was thrilled the Yank’s picked him up. He was great in Atlanta, and looks to have done pretty good with the Yanks last year.

OF – Brett Gardner – .147

Love Brett Gardner. Average is a bit low so far this spring, but I am not concerned, he looks great, and is an awesome fielder.

OF – Jacoby Ellsbury – .222

Love Ellsbury. As long as he can avoid injuries, he’s a great hitter and fielder.

OF – Carlos Beltran – .200

Beltran is another veteran that I don’t mind having on the team.

OF – Chris Young – .226

Chris seems to have tapered off a bit in his career, but I remember him doing pretty well for Arizona a few years back. We’ll have to see if he still has it in him. If not, Perela may take his place in my opinion as a starting out fielder.


Sounds like our pitching is going to be pretty good this year, we shall see.


I’m just not familiar enough to say much about some of our additional players like Ramon Flores (OF), Brenden Ryan (SS), John Ryan Murphy (C) and Austine Romaine (C), so I won’t.

That’s all for now

Until Next Time


March 20, 2015

The Northerner

by darkjade68


Something that I wrote and Posted on my Writing Site in August 2012

Originally posted on The Written Word:

The Northerner

by DarkJade

Chapter One – A Dark Town

It was a Tale of much woe…

The Northerner came from a far away Mountain… A place of peace, and solitude…

Far away from the Judging Eyes of Mortal Man, or Elf…

For he was a Halfbreed… Unaccepted by either.

He was but a young boy when he entered the mountain… His chosen place of “Self Banishment”…

His hair of grey, and Eyes of green.

He thought there… Amongst Natures Creatures… He would find the kind of Quiet his Soul Hungered for…

And so he did.

But as the years would pass, the skies below, where he had come from, to the south… Began to blacken more and more.

What Treacheries were afoot below he often wondered…

But he would simply force himself to put these things out of his mind…

After all… What good was a halfbreed to the…

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March 17, 2015

Star Wars: Aftermath (Book Sep 5th, 2015)

by darkjade68

Originally posted on The Written Word:

By now, I hope you’ve all read or heard about our exciting new publishing program that was announced earlier this week: “The Journey to The Force Awakens.” (And if you haven’t, go read about it here) We’ll be releasing about 20 books this fall, some of which take place right after the end of Return of the Jedi. The books – which range from activity books for kids to comics and novels for adult fans – will contain hints about The Force Awakens, including new starships, planets, characters, and subtle clues about what happened to our heroes in the months following the Battle of Endor. Right now I’m excited to tell you about Del Rey’s contribution to the program: the novel Aftermath.I’m also excited to share with you that Aftermath will be written by…

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