June 14, 2015

The Paladin – The Rangers

by darkjade68

Be sure to check out all of the Chapters… The Quest has only just begun. Darkjade-

The Written Word

RANGERsThe Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

CHAPTER VI – The Rangers

The Paladin Shaylyr, the Elven Archer Nynwahen, the Mage Joro and the Knight Zara spent that evening discussing the slaying of the young Cleric, potentially by a Doppelganger, and the fact that the notorious Orc General Zai Zai Qed was leading a legion of Orcs into the nearby territory, and how all of it played into what is quickly being called The Rise of Darkness…

“I’m not exactly sure how the four of us are supposed to stop a legion of Orcs, or this ‘Rise of Darkness’… We are but four…” spoke Zara, who seemed more interested in her ale than the conversation.

“You are a Knight? right…” replied Nyn, annoyded by Zara’s lack of conviction…

With this Zara started to slowly draw her sword, “You doubt it… Elf.”

“Enough!” spoke…

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June 9, 2015

The Paladin – The Elven Archer

by darkjade68

The Written Word

elven archerThe Paladin

by dArKjAdE

Chapter One

Chapter Two

CHAPTER III – The Elven Archer

In the dark of the Mythorn Forrest, The Paladin Shaylyr sits at a campfire across from the Elven Archer, Nynwahen

“I never did thank you for waking me from that paralyzed daze I seemed to have fallen into upon facing the need of slaying someone…” spoke Shaylyr, as eloquent as he could, which didn’t end up being all that eloquent.

Nynwahen smiled slightly, “It’s not important.”

“But it is… And I thank you,” Shaylyr reiterated with conviction, as if requesting acknowledgement to it.

And so Nynwahen nodded, accepting the Paladin’s appreciation.

Shaylyr, his helmet now removed, showed that he had sandy blond hair, about shoulder length… And his eyes were a sort of dark grey.

He was of a fairly large size, around 230lbs, and stood 6’3″ tall.

Nynwhanen, on the other hand, was perhaps 130lbs…

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June 6, 2015

The Paladin – Shaylyr

by darkjade68

The Written Word

paladinThe Paladin

by dArKjAdE

“I’m Not Made Of Tough Enough Stuff…”

“The Things I’ve Seen”

“The Things I Know…”

“Forgive Me Four Gods”

“I Will Not Do This…”

“I Can Not”

“Do This…”



A cold, dark, winter night

What appears to be a knight, in silver armour, and white and yellow tabard…

…stands at the entrance of the village Klay.

Above the sky is dark, and peppered with stars… With threat of rain.

“Oh How They Mock Me… These Many Stars…”

Outside the Red Unicorn Tavern, four darkly clad warriors hold a 19 to 21 year old looking, blond, robed young man…

Watching on, is a dark violet cloaked, and hooded Magic Wielder… Doing their best to terrorize the young man.

The Paladin Shaylyr looks on, as the Magic Wielder tosses light purple, and blue colored light splashes across the air… Seeming…

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