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September 20, 2012

Car with Shrub

by A Boy with Shoes

The weather has been bad for photography the last few days. Yesterday was a nice day, so I took some photo. This was the best of the day.


July 18, 2012

A Wall

by A Boy with Shoes

I have been busy working on rebooting my blog and learning some of the finer points of Photoshop that I completely forgot to post photos here. I found this shot from the old abandoned house. I am not sure what this string art used to be; it has an inner circle and an outer circle, butt he colors aren’t very sun-like.
I am about to start dedicating most of my time to portraiture. So hopefully soon you will be seeing people from me instead of objects.


March 17, 2012


by A Boy with Shoes

I like the lines in this one more than the bird itself, but the bird does seem to add a bit of starkness to the shot.



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