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September 22, 2012

Rule #8 Small Steps (25 Rules For Better Health)

by Patrick Dykie

      I can still remember my son’s first small, tentative steps as a toddler. My wife stood across the room with her arms held wide open, while I held him up. We had tried before over the preceding weeks without much success. This time we felt his legs were strong enough, and he was ready for the big moment. My wife called out to him,

“Who’s mommy’s big boy. Come to mommy.”

     As I released his arms, he took a small shaky step, stretched out his arms, and moved slowly and awkwardly towards my wife, wobbling from side to side in a series of short, shuffling steps. As he picked up speed his body leaned forward as if he would fall at any moment. Somehow he maintained his balance, and continued his journey before falling safely into my wife’s waiting arms. It seems that anything worth achieving in life requires a series of small steps before we’re able to walk, and then eventually run. From a child’s first tentative steps to learning to read and write to getting that first job it seems that everything involves small steps.

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July 7, 2012

Rule #7 Facing Barriers (Getting Over Those Humps) 25 Rules for Better Health

by Patrick Dykie
     I hope you’ve enjoyed my first six “Rules for Better Health.” We’ve already looked at such things as not dieting, but rather making meaningful lifestyle changes, honestly evaluating yourself, forging a belief system, hiding your scale, realizing that perfection is an illusion, and setting realistic goals to strive for. As you can see, while dieting and exercise are important to our overall health, there are many more things we need to look at, including many psychological and behavioral factors. I hope you take something with you today, but more importantly, I hope you all live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.
April 27, 2012

Rule #5 Believe in Something (25 Rules for Better Health)

by Patrick Dykie

  You may be wondering how believing in something ended up on a list of 25 rules for better health. If you’ve read my first four rules for better health, you can see that there seems to be a direct correlation between our physical health, and our mental and emotional health. All the major programs for better health, including diets, and weight loss systems you’ve seen, focus on proper nutrition and exercise. These are very important, but I believe that diet and exercise, though important in any health program, are only two pieces of the puzzle. I want you to realize that it’s often a lot easier to lose and keep off weight, if you are happy and at peace with yourself and those around you. If you ask a person who struggles with their weight, why they eat, you may hear,

 “I eat because I’m lonely, bored, sad, depressed, I don’t care anymore, or I have nothing else in my life.”

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